Oak barrels for whisky – excellent Christmas gift

Oak barrels for whisky as a gift is a great option if you decide to surprise someone on Christmas. The oak barrel, with a volume of 10 liters, can be used for homemade strong whisky. Oak barrel, made from real chopped oak, will make alcoholic beverages tased like no other. Homemade alcohol will turn out even better than branded spirits. If in doubt, just try it and see for yourself.

Some of oak barrels advantages

In fact, the oak barrel has a huge number of advantages and a minimal number of disadvantages. One of the advantages is that a barrel is very long-lasting. Also, it is unaffected by sunlight and high humidity. With proper care, it can be used for decades. Care means constant cleaning as well as storing it in foil. For this, you can use a simple food film, which can be found in the kitchen of any house.

Another of the advantages is simply the beauty of oak barrels. Even a simple or small oak barrel is pleasant to the eye. Can you imagine the joy of a man when he was presented with homemade whisky in an oak barrel? By the way, homemade whisky on oak bark in a chopped oak barrel turns out just marvelous.

In general, it is not necessary to fill the barrel with alcoholic beverages. For example, you can fill it with fresh natural honey or berries. For beer lovers, the barrel can be filled with foamy beverages.

The oak barrels are made according to traditional cooperage technology from quality high mountain oak without the use of glue and varnish, by hand with the use of fire and bracing of the frame. A set of wood barrel, tap, cork, and base makes an excellent team for making fine wine, cognac, whiskey, etc. Oak barrels for whisky over time greatly improves taste qualities, making the bouquet more voluminous and multifaceted, while remaining alive and retaining all their beneficial properties due to the oxygen exchange through the pores of the wood.

Before pouring alcohol into the keg to infuse, make sure the barrel is soaked, otherwise, you could lose a significant amount of valuable alcohol. Perform the soaking yourself or take advantage of professional help. When you order a soaking service, you will save a lot of time, as this procedure takes about 2 or even 3 weeks. Decided to soak it yourself? Don’t forget to constantly change and refill the water.