Open plan design tips to enhance productivity at work

The work environment has a huge impact on productivity, overall employee satisfaction and team spirit.

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Having a clean, bright office space with modern furniture and facilities can make a big difference, but fixtures and fittings alone are not enough.

Open Plan

Open plan working spaces are popular, but ensuring your staff can work independently and in comfort is also essential.


Before planning your open plan working space, think not only about the number of current staff who will be using the space but also whether your company is growing and how this might affect the space in the future. Issues such as temperature need to be taken into consideration. Lots of people together in a small area will increase the temperature, and this may not suit everyone. Also make sure there is natural ventilation for both your employees’ health and that of any office equipment.

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Meeting Spaces

Even if you are planning for full open plan working, including management, you will still need private space for meetings, staff appraisals and staff who need a quiet space to work. If staff are working late or have a tight deadline, they may prefer having the option of working in a smaller space.


Having smart, matching office furniture will encourage a professional attitude. For Best Buy Office Chairs or an operator chair, search online.


Having daylight is a much nicer and healthier environment and has been proven to enhance mood and well-being, so use natural light as much as possible.

Another way of ensuring you get the best from your staff is to consider flexible working. There is a rise in senior managers working flexible hours, with many now opting to work a four-day week.


By choosing different colours and furnishings for different areas, staff will adapt to their surroundings psychologically. A meeting room, for example, might have white walls with minimum colour, whereas a reception area or staff area might benefit from a more welcoming feel. Even having different flooring in different areas can have an impact as the clip-clopping of heels on tiles will sound very different from walking on carpeted floors.


Try to add some art or decoration to the walls. This will stop the office feeling too clinical and can also be updated easily.