Pamper your Back and Feet by Using Comfortable Pub Chairs


Pub chairs are chairs with a recliner back and specially designed for people with mobility of health issues. These chairs provide adequate feet and back support and look stylish with zipper back design. Two pillow waterfall back recliner with nail-head accent, anti-skid and adjustable leg levers, whisper-quiet dual motors for seat operation and independent backrest and zero-gravity position functionality medical lifting system are some of the standard features of recliner pub chairs. The rolled wings and armrests have a finishing of brass nail heads providing a sophisticated look. Offering a perfect mix of luxury and comfort, these chairs come in a variety of attractive colors with a weight holding capacity of approx 375 lbs. Many companies like Affordable Medical Equipment, etc., offer pub chairs  with advanced features at discounted price range along with customization options. 

Pub and recliner chairs with reclining back not only provide comfort but they look attractive also. One can easily make a beautiful addition in his living or bedroom room by placing contemporary design chairs available in stylish and slimmer versions. Primarily meant for old age and limited mobility people, these chairs are high in demand even by young people due to the following benefits:

  • Relieves Stress – These chairs provide adequate lumbar back support and ease back pain significantly when used on a regular basis. It is because when the body reclines, the spine remains in a resting position and it keeps legs on an elevated position. Those people who spend long hours on the chairs or people looking for absolute comfort after a hectic day at work should opt for pub chairs than standard chairs.
  • Safe to Use – Pub chairs with recliner back is one of the best gifts a person can give to his aging parents. Made from high-quality material, they are sturdy and durable. Moreover, of late, these chairs are available in various styles, fabrics and designs.  Therefore, the chairs actually uplift the overall décor of a house.
  • Eases Motion – One of the greatest advantages of using pub chairs is they provide required assistance while sitting and standing. This proves to be a breather for those people who face problems while standing after long hours of sitting thereby further reducing the risk of falls and injury.
  • Improves Blood Circulation – When a person sits on a chair or keeps standing for a long duration, blood rushes to the feet and legs and causes inflammation. Pub chairs provide relief to the lower body by elevating the feet and improving blood circulation naturally. 
  • Redistribute Pressure – When a person keeps sitting for a long time without repositioning itself, it increases the risk of bedsores and pressure injuries at the ankles, elbows, back, etc. Sitting in comfortable recliner chairs gives a sense of freedom to reposition easily. A person can either lift their legs up or lean back which eventually helps in redistributing pressure. 

Different Kinds of Pub Chairs

The riser recliner pub chairs usually support either single-motor or dual-motor whisper-quiet technology. In the single-motor recliner, the footrest as well as the backrest move backward at the same time. In other words, with a single press of a button, feet also lift and back of the chair reclines simultaneously. In the case of dual-motor recliner chairs, both the footrest and the backrest function separately. It is the sole discretion of users whether or not they want to recline back and raise the feet at the same time. If a person is looking for a greater degree of movement, dual-motor recliner chairs are beneficial.

Buy Pub Chair after Checking Warranty

Most of the pub chairs come with a standard manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year. However, warranty on electrical parts, mechanical and electrical labor, lift frame, chair frame and recline mechanism varies from model to model. The high-quality chairs purchased from a reputed company last long for several years. 

At Affordable Medical Equipment  interested people can browse an extensive range of pub chairs come with a minimum 12 months warranty. These chairs are available on sale as well as on rent. Thus, pamper your body by purchasing comfortable and modern pub chairs in attractive colors.