Paper Crafts That Will Make for Perfect Gifts This Christmas

Whether it’s cut, folded, twisted, stamped, burned, or printed on, a simple piece of paper can turn into a piece of art.

Paper crafts are popular among creative DIY-ers because you have endless options for what you can do with paper. With diverse options in color, texture, and size, you can make almost anything using paper.

This is why we thought it would be fun to give you a few Christmas gift ideas using papercraft. With the right materials, the paper could be your main gift and also your gift bag!

Bring out your crafting supplies and all kinds of paper and start creating the following personalized paper craft gifts for your loved ones:

  • Pop-up Christmas Card

Want to keep your gifts simple with good ol’ Christmas cards? Make them pop—literally—by creating pop-up Christmas cards. All you need is sturdy cardstock, colorful pieces of paper, and your trusty scissors and glue.

Luckily, there are hundreds of tutorials online for making pop-ups. You can create a winter forest landscape, make 3D paper Christmas trees, or bring out a snowman inside your pop-up Christmas cards.

  • Origami Jewelry

Got a friend or a sister who loves pretty pieces of jewelry? Give them something cute and unique by making origami jewelry. From rings and bracelets to barrettes and earrings, you can fold pieces of paper into wearable pieces.

Just look at these fluted diamond earrings! Using the right patterned paper, you can make beautiful jewelry pieces that your recipients will be glad to receive.

  • Paper Bouquet

Show mom how much you love her by giving her a paper bouquet this Christmas! You can find dozens of instructions online on how to make a bouquet of paper flowers. You can even narrow your search based on a specific flower you want and give it your own twist by choosing your desired color or pattern of the paper.

Since a paper bouquet won’t wilt, your recipient will always be reminded of your evergreen love for them.

  • Winter Village Paper Cut

Give a loved one a work of art worthy of being displayed with a winter village paper cut! You can choose to purchase and download a template online or, if you’re up for it, create the paper cut patterns on your own! All you need is easy vellum, different cutting tools, and a warm-toned tea light.

Once you’ve assembled your scene, you can place it inside a glass dome, like this project. This will look like an elegant piece of decor for your recipient’s home.

  • Folded Book Art

Another display-worthy gift, folded book art, is an elaborate piece of art made from your old books. Thousands of patterns are available online, and you can even find artists who can make a custom pattern for you! Designs could be a loved one’s name, an animal, or some other pattern significant to your recipient.

Folded book art, as well as plenty of our other examples above, can be labor-intensive. You have to measure, fold, cut, and paste again and again. But the results are guaranteed to bring an awed smile to your loved ones’ faces, and your labor of love will be worth it.