Party Bus Rental – Thing to know before hiring it

Party bus rental is a great way to enjoy your night out with friends in style. But, it helps to know a few things before hiring a party bus in Chicago.  Before getting to the actual questions, one thing you should remember is to always plan in advance. On the busiest days, many people want to choose party bus rental and therefore, planning ahead helps you to get the best bus and the best deal possible.

The following are the important questions that you should ask the party bus rental company:-


You want all your invited friends on board and that means there should be adequate space. Think of some extra space to accommodate any last-minute joining so that you don’t have to turn away if they have decided to join your party and are already on the way. You should also remember that putting more people on the bus than what the rental company has allowed can invite serious trouble for you.

Get a good look at your bus

Getting a good look at your bus well before you make an actual booking is very important. Online pictures are helpful only to an extent and a different bus may be allotted to you. Most of the reputed providers will be happy to let you take a look at your bus before you sign a contract for hire.

Get a written contract

Insist on a written contract with details of all charges payable including tips to the driver. Read through the contract with a magnifier and ensure that there are no hidden charges.  A clear contract allows you to enjoy your day without nasty surprises that can potentially ruin the fun.

Dividing costs

When the entire cost of the outing is borne by you, the question of dividing may not arise. But if others are sharing the cost, let each passenger know that he is expected to share. Most party bus rentals will also need an upfront advance and you should be prepared with this. When the costs are shared, you should preferably get all the contributions before making the final payment so that you are not in a spot at the last minute.

Alcohol laws

Gain good knowledge of all the alcohol laws that apply when you hire a party bus rental.  Although this applies more to people who are below 21 hiring a party bus, even for people aged 25 years or more, the party bus Chicago will designate a chaperone or you can provide one yourself. The chaperone’s duty is to ensure that liquor is not served to minors. You will also need to provide a document duly signed regarding the age and agreeing to act as a chaperone well ahead of the designated day on which you are hiring the bus. You should also know that alcohol laws differ from one state to the other and in most states, the driver is required by law to take the Chicago party bus back to where it started if underage drinking is noticed.