Paulownia Trees And Their Benefits – What Makes Them So Special 

Chinese ayurvedic plants are quite famous around the globe for their wonderful value. Many species of the plants are discovered in Chinese soil from the time the concept of ayurvedic plants came into existence. One such name of the trees here is Paulownia. This is one of the many plant species that have taken pride in being the fast-growing trees worldwide.

The history of these trees dates back to 3000 AD. Even though the species was first founded in China, the Japan soil is the place where it was grown widely and also abundantly for centuries. In Japan, this tree is known as “Kiri”, meaning the thing that is more important than “life” in Japan.

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Historical Significance

These plant species is very important and also has a significant value in the life of both the Chinese and Japanese. It was believed to plant a tree every time a daughter was born in a family. This tree was taken care of till the girl became a bride and the tree was cut so that the family can make the wedding trunk from this tree.

It was also believed that people that grow Paulownia species in their back or front yard can enjoy long-lasting happiness in their life, as these trees attract the phoenix bird. The many such historical benefits have made these trees the national emblem of Japan. You can notice the symbol of these trees etched onto the coins in Japan.


The brief description of the Paulownia tree explains that these trees can grow up to the height of 35 to 85 feet. Their trees will be heart-shaped or even the shape of the five lobes. These trees bear very beautiful flowers that will be violet-blue coloured and also are very large. The fruits will be egg-shaped and will be purple.

These trees require a sufficient supply of sunlight and are seen growing abundantly in the Japanese soil, as this country is known as the land of the rising sun. The best part of these trees is that they can be easily restored even after a rigorous forest fire, as their steps and roots tend to regenerate as quickly as possible.


The main usage of Paulownia species is that they can be used as ornamental trees and can be used for decorations in gardens and parks. Their roots are rigid and very strong and hence are the best solution for eradicating soil erosion issues anywhere. The main reason for growing these trees everywhere is that their large-shaped trees can successfully absorb the pollutants from the environment for photosynthesis.

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