Do you want to buy an apartment for you and your family? Not sure where to start your search? What do you need to know to make the right choice? In Malta you will have the best options for the best properties. From the 2 Bedroom Maisonette to 3 bedroom apartments, all are available now. The advantages of these properties will surely make you interested about them.

The location of the apartment

Location is the mantra of the property. Location is a very important factor.Choose more accessible areas with developed infrastructure. Decide from the beginning in which area you would like to live taking into account the needs and priorities of you and your family. In Malta you will find the apartments in a nice place such as the Bugibba Square or Mosta.


If we are talking about apartments in Bugibba Square, then you have to choose the sector that you like more or in which it is more convenient for you to live: either it is close to work, to certain strategic points that you visit regularly, or do you want to live in a park area, near a lake, etc. Opting for the Property for sale in Malta is important there.

The surface of the apartment and its compartmentalization

It is important to calculate from the start what the real needs would be for you and your family. Do you need a 1, 2 or 3 bedroom apartment? Do you need a spacious living room or not? The calculations must be done rationally, given the changes that could occur in your life the appearance of a child or maybe the parents move to you. Check the possibility of re-planning the building according to your wishes. So, buy an apartment where you will feel good in 25 years.


Usually, most people want to live on the middle floors. These apartments are the most sought after and the most expensive. While, an apartment on the first or last floor is up to 20% cheaper, but also has a lot of other advantages. However, be careful when buying the apartment on the top floor, check the condition of the roof.

Very simple! Either you opt for an apartment in the white version and you make the repair as you like, but you arm yourself patiently until you complete the repair. Either, if you do not have time but have more money, you can immediately move to a repaired and furnished apartment. The choice is yours! In case of the houses for sale in malta they are absolutely new and you will be amazed by their look and décor.


Price matters

The maximum budget we have very often dictates all the above. If we do not have too much money we will probably not be able to afford a mega spacious apartment in the Center sector, but it is possible that we could opt for an apartment with the same area in another sector. In this case you will have the apartments in €212,000, €250,000 or €560,000. All are handsome prices for you in exchange of the best house you can imagine.