Pick-Up Truck Modifications: Top Five Trends Right Now 

Discover the best pick-up truck mods that you can try throughout 2023 and 2024. 

Pick-up trucks are red-hot in popularity. In the United States, they account for 20% of sales, which is slightly more than cars (CBS News). On top of this, there are expected to be 4.8 million active pick-up trucks on the road by 2028 (Yahoo Finance), which is huge. 

Whether you’re an American or live in another part of the world, you might own a pick-up yourself, such as a Ford Ranger or Chevrolet Silverado. If so, you should be very excited, as there are countless different modifications that you can make to it. These days, it’s become extremely common for pick-up truck owners to modify and personalize their vehicles. Sometimes, it’s for practical reasons. Other times, it’s purely for the visuals and aesthetics. After all, your pick-up truck has got to look good, right? 

That said, it’s time to look at the top five pick-up truck modification trends right now. The best part about all these trends is that they’re super affordable, so there’s no need to worry about having to splash tons of cash on them. Let’s go!

Side steps have become a big trend in the pick-up truck world. For example, Ford Ranger side steps are a popular choice with many drivers. The main reason for this is because they make it much easier to step in and out of your vehicle. Also, side steps look great, too — which is always a nice bonus. 

No matter which pick-up truck model you drive, it’s recommended that you invest in some side steps. You’ll find that they’re an especially great investment if you’re someone who’s always out on the road and constantly having to get in and out of your pick-up truck. Finally, you’ll no longer have to worry about your foot slipping as you maneuver your wave into the driver’s seat.  Instead, everything will be nice and easy. 

  • Personalized Plates 

Whenever you’re out driving, you probably notice that most pick-up trucks you see now have personalized plates. This is something that pick-up truck owners are now able to treat themselves to due to the simple fact that personalized plates are a lot more affordable than they used to be. 

For example, according to Autoblog, personalized license plates can cost as little as $70 — yep, $70. That’s an incredibly small amount of money for something that allows you to make a big statement with your pick-up truck. It makes you much more noticeable out on the road and other drivers are going to admire your vehicle — that’s a fact! Also, another added benefit is that pick-up trucks with personalized plates are less likely to be stolen. Why? They’re easier to identify. If a potential thief sees that your truck has personalized plates, they’re going to leave it alone and try another pick-up truck instead. 

So, if you’re a pick-up truck driver who cares about both style and security, having personalized plates is a win-win situation.  

  • Chrome Wraps

Chrome wraps are typically seen on modern and flashy cars. However, over recent years, more pick-up truck drivers have started to chrome wrap their vehicles. Some of the benefits of this include:

  • Better protection from dirt and scratches
  • An excellent alternative to custom painting 

Of course, chrome wraps also look incredible. This is generally true no matter which color you go with, whether it’s a silver wrap or a gold wrap. 

In terms of cost, chrome wraps are one of the more expensive modifications that you can make to your pick-up truck. On average, you’ll be looking at anywhere from $1000 to $5000. However, it’s quite easy to get a chrome wrap closer to the $1000 mark if you shop around, but you might need to travel to a shop in a different state to do this. 

Also, don’t forget that chrome wraps are an excellent long-term investment. They last for a long time, which is usually around six years. Therefore, if you purchase chrome wrap for your pick-up truck for $2000 and it lasts for six years, that works out at around $333 a year, which is a bargain by today’s standards. 

  • All-Terrain Tires

All-terrain tires are designed for driving both on-road and off-road, making them for perfect for the more adventurous and outdoorsy pick-truck drivers out there. For example, if you use your pick-up truck for work purposes during the week and then like to go hiking and camping at the weekends, then all-terrain tires are definitely a modification that you’ll want to make to your pick-up truck. 

With your all-terrain tires, you’ll be able to hit all different parts of the country without having to worry about the surface that you’re driving on. Now that’s what being a pick-up truck owner is all about!

  • LED Interior Lights

During those late nights out on the road, there’s nothing better as a pick-up truck owner than having some LED interior lights

If you choose smart LED lights for your pick-up truck, you’ll even be able to connect to them using your smartphone. Whenever you’re inside the truck, you’ll then be able to customize the color and tone of the LED lights to match your mood. For instance, you might be driving one of your children home when it’s dark outside and they want the LED lights to be blue. At the swipe of a finger, you’ll be able to turn them blue — it’s that simple. 

On average, LED lights (depending on the brand you choose) are around $10 to $100 for vehicle interiors. If you’re not sure which brand to use, it’s a good idea to go with a reputable brand such as Govee, as you know you’ll get good quality in return for your money. 


It’s now time to wrap up this pick-up truck modifications guide.  You’re now up to date with all the latest pick-up mods that drivers are using to make their vehicles look and feel better, from side steps to LED interior lights. 

Have fun modifying your pick-up truck!