Plan Your Special Honeymoon in These 5 Millennial and Popular Destinations

One of the most awaited moments by any couple is their official honeymoon after the wedding. And it goes without saying that everybody wants to visit all the best of places on their honeymoon with their significant other to celebrate their love. And being millennials, we are more than enthusiastic about visiting aesthetically famous sites.

And it is pretty understandable; these places are not just pleasing to look at but also have a lot of additions that can make our stay fun and exciting; creating lifetime memories for us.

But planning this honeymoon can be a bit difficult as it is a hefty charge and you cannot just get it scheduled by the wedding planners because they don’t provide such service unlike the budget wedding planner in Delhi. For this very reason, we made a list of trendy and edgy places which can make your stay a memorable one!


If you and your significant other are anime enthusiasts or simply like japans landscapes, then you can pay a visit to the capital city for a pleasing experience. Losing selves into each other amidst the beautiful cityscapes or whether visiting the small coffee shops together, Tokyo can strike the fire of love in no time.

And the best thing about Tokyo is the humble and organized people who will willingly help you with your stay. You can happily cosplay around the city or rock an exquisite kimono on the street and be yourselves without anybody minding, Tokyo can provide all the suitable conditions for an idle honeymoon.

Tel Aviv

It is very difficult to actually answer whether you are a mountain person or a beach person, but we understand the feeling! But beaches are a better option for a honeymoon because then you can twirl in your favorite dress on a sunny day and on a mountain honeymoon, all the fits would be a bit useless.

For this very reason, we chose the bustling city Tel Aviv as a millennial destination because of the quirky and funky sights and cafes in the town are just mind-blowing. And not to mention the city is a big art hub, so if you visit the place, you will get a lot of aesthetic graffiti walls.



If you want a relaxing and carefree honeymoon then no place is better than Berlin. From amazing beer to energetic nightlife, you will get it all. If bored of this, Berlin will immerse you in its rich history and beautiful museums. Just like Tel Aviv, it will surprise you with all the artsy aspects and beautifully made wall graffiti!


This exotic city is one of the widely visited Indonesian sites; the magnificence of this island site cannot be missed. From fine dining to luxuries resorts, you will find everything in this place.

The beautiful beaches can be a great spot to enjoy the comfort of the honeymoon; you can also surf around with your significant other. And if you want to enjoy the sight of colorful and vibrant coral gardens amidst rich biodiversity then you can visit this place without any doubt.



If you are one of those people who are into the couple experience, then you should definitely visit this South Korean capital! Not just because of the fantastic dating activities but also because of the amazing food, fantastic shopping places and beautiful shoot locations. Not to mention that any other country cannot match their clubbing scene, you can throw some amazing dance moves and experience the carefree nightlife in this city.

If not this then you both can also visit a couple of K-Pop concerts to experience the craze of the hallyu wave. This city is a blend of delight and culture. Don’t forget to get yourself clicked in a beautiful hanbok!

We hope you liked our blog, and we hope this blog can help you plan your intimate honeymoon soon with the utmost ease!