Planning to Invest in the Australian Suburbs in The Year 2021 – Some Options for You

As 2020 came to a close, the economy of the world became worse than what it was during the beginning months of 2020. Almost all sectors in the whole world has suffered from a major economic crisis. So, what does 2021 have to offer to the world? Let us find out here.

The work-from-home option has driven many working employees in Australia to look for a way to survive through their monthly bills, and the best solution they have found is migrating to Australian suburbs. The most preferred suburb regions that people are in love to invest in are listed below.

Bardwell Park

Bardwell Park is a place that is best known for being in close quarters with the inner west regions, the airport and also the WestConnex region in Australia. In the year 2020, the property market value of the real estate went up to $1.16 to $1.20 million.

Mount Gambier

Mount Gambier is one of the regions in Australia that people preferred relocating to in the year 2020. The cost of a house in this place has risen to $270,000 and is increasing.


The young professionals normally prefer relocating to this region because of the opportunity to balance their professional and personal life in a systematic way. In the year 2017, the calculated amount for the houses and apartments was around $950,000.10 predictions for Australia's property market in 2021 - Smart Property Investment

Port Elliot

This region is located about 75 minutes away from Adelaide. This is located near Victor Harbor and offers houses for purchase with $490,000.


Melton is the region that is known to have both the rural and urban properties. This region is located only 45km away from some of the major arterial roads and this factor has made the properties to cost up to $395,000 here.

Melton also takes pride in having the capacity to harbor at least 40% of the overall population of Melbourne.


This region is located close to the University of Queensland. Statistics and trends of property market Australia suggest that the houses and apartments in this region can cost up to $450,000 when we reach the year 2023. Every year, the possibility of rising to $1 million is suspected.


This region is located about an hour away from the CBD. The possible cost of houses in this location is around $690,000. The development in the local infrastructure has resulted with the people to enjoy easy access to their daily needs within the city.


This is known as the family-friendly location that is found nearby Melbourne city. The possibility of a raise in the amount for houses in the next five years is estimated to be 7.5% to its current property value in Craigieburn.

Other suburban regions that people prefer to migrate to in their current condition are Warrnambool, Bendigo, Orange, Dubbo, Kingscliff, Ballina, Noosa, Tasmania, Yeppoon, Busselton, Canberra, Hobart, Perth, and many more.

Post COVID-19 pandemic, it is observed that a major part of the employee sector is preferring migration towards the suburban regions. The reduction in the earnings has made them to find such regions that they can afford living in, with their current payment.

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