Planning Your Next Family Reunion? Tips On Transporting Your Loved Ones

Planning a family reunion is no easy task and when family members have to deal with finding transportation, it makes things more difficult. There are a few options that will make things easier and will get loved one to their destination safely. Something to consider when planning a family reunion is cost. Members are more likely to make arrangements to attend a reunion if costs are low or free.

  1. Air Transportation (Plane)

The first option that most people tend to opt for is flying. Flying has become one of the most popular ways to travel because of its convenience and now there are plenty of options that keep costs low. However, it does come with drawbacks. Cheaper options don’t always offer flights to every city, you have to leave super early to go through security, and there is always a chance of a flight being delayed or canceled.

  1. Vehicle (Rental or Personal)

Another option is to rent or drive a personally owned vehicle. If family members go this route, there are many things to remind them of. Renting a car can be pricey, especially if they have to rent through the weekend. There are deals and coupons to be found online that may save family members a few dollars, though. If they take their personal vehicle, then they are putting wear and tear on their car, especially if they are driving long distances. Then, there is the price of gas that they have to take into consideration. Gas is not always cheap and it varies from city to city and from state to state. Driving a vehicle may be the best option for those not traveling a far distance.

  1. Bus (Greyhound, Megabus, etc…)

Taking a bus would be a good option for someone that may be on a very tight budget. Bus fares can be really cheap depending on which service you decide to use. The very big drawback is that, if family members are traveling a far distance, it can take them days to get to their destination. Being cramped in a bus for days with a bunch of strangers doesn’t seem like the most feasible way to transport loved ones. Another thing to consider is that some of the cheaper prices require the date to be booked months in advance and most companies do not offer refunds or cancellations–and they may not offer schedule changes. In the event that the family reunion date gets moved, family members could be stuck and out of money.

  1. Charter or Mini Bus

Lastly, there is a bus option that may appeal to family members more than any other option that has been listed. Yes, it’s a bus but it’s not just any kind of bus, it’s a charter bus. A charter bus is a bus that is rented by a private group of individuals and includes amenities such as free WiFI, air conditioning, and cushioned seats, just to name a few. Fortunately, there are many bus companies in MD that offer this type of service, so it’s easy for family members to shop around to see which would best fit their needs. Another great feature of using a charter bus is that everyone can split the price evenly. Family members also don’t have to worry about riding with strangers, since the bus will be privately rented out. Whether your event is for a family reunion, wedding, or church event, many bus companies in MD have your back and offer great packages, no matter the size of your party.