Popular Lighting Features for Houses

While we are accustomed to seeing traditional ceiling lights and plug-in style lamps in houses, the world of lighting has much more to offer.

While interior lights are typically associated with providing a particular type of lighting such as task, accent, or ambient, many fixtures are versatile enough to be utilized almost anywhere. Here are the most popular lighting styles with homeowners today.

Architectural Lighting Options

Often used for ambient lighting, architectural fixtures are integrated into a room’s structural design and include the following styles.

  • Cove Lighting—Often situated on a ledge or recess high on walls.
  • Soffit Lighting—Soft lighting positioned in a cornice or soffit near ceilings.
  • Valance Lighting—Typically mounted above a window or on a wall and situation on a metal, wood or glass valance.
  • Wall Sconces—Surface-mounted sconces direct light up or down and feature stylish shades and covers.

Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights are most often tucked into the ceiling and have a flush opening. They generally send a narrow band of light directed to specific areas, allowing them to serve as accent, ambient or task lights.

Track Lighting

Most often, these are a set of lights fashioned linearly and suspended from the ceiling. Those with multiple heads can often be positioned to aim lighting directly on desired highlight pieces or areas where brighter lighting is needed. Small track lights might be used as under-cabinet task light in lieu of single fixtures.

Pendants and Chandeliers in Houses

While both lighting options hang from the ceiling, pendants can be either high-dollar or very low end. Chandeliers on the other hand, are more likely to be grand and ornate fixtures found in luxury homes. Both can add ambient lighting, but pendants are by far the most common choice in modern residences today.

Remember, just changing out a few lighting fixtures before listing houses on the real estate marketplace can make a huge difference in buyer interest. High end lighting like chandeliers or highly respected brands can also add to the value of the home.