Portable buildings

The demand for portable buildings has been on the rise in the last two decades, and there are reasons for that. One of those reasons is because many individuals, families, and businesses have found these buildings to be cost-effective. They know they can save lots of money and improve their quality of life by opting for prefabricated structures. 

At SAMAN POS India, we understand this growing trend and have been at the forefront, leading the revolution to have portable structures that pocket-friendly gain more popularity and acceptability. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of prefabricated buildings in India and other countries. We adopt a meticulous but sophisticated manufacturing approach to ensure every client is satisfied and happy to recommend us to their associates and friends.

Our years of experience and professionalism also distinguish us from the competition. For instance, we are conversant with the world’s interest in green and renewable energy, and we have always been a part of that campaign. Here are some of the other attributes that set us apart as one of India’s best and most visionary manufacturers and supply of prefabricated buildings.

Pocket-friendly service

As you may already know by now, the cost of acquisition is one of the everyday things that could hinder individuals, families, and business organizations from owning their own residential or office buildings. The cost of planning and constructing a brick and mortar building can be colossal. Throwing the cost of maintenance and adding other features such as lighting and interior décor, and it becomes unaffordable for the common man.

However, SAMAN POS India has a heart for the middle class and low-income earners. Nearly everyone from all works of life can afford to own their portable buildings. We have lots of designs and specifications that easily accommodate everyone regardless of what they earn. The same cannot be said of traditional structures, though, as there are lots of expenses and considerations that make it a luxury for some people.

Our container buildings are produced off-site, which means you don’t have to incur any additional cost for onsite production or assembling. That way, we can minimize the cost of production and ensure you only spend a fraction of what it would have cost to acquire a brick and mortar house.

We use top-notch raw materials

When it comes to any construction, the nature and quality of raw material used goes a long way in determining the durability and quality of the final product. One downside to traditional construction is that most of the raw materials such as bricks, metals, and so on are exposed to severe weather conditions and other unfavorable conditions before the completion of the construction project. This exposure alone contributes to a decline in the quality of these raw materials.

At SAMAN POS, we try as much as possible to minimize or eliminate the exposure of our raw materials to any form of deterioration. Besides, most of our raw materials are premium grade products that have been tried and tested to be corrosion and weather resistant. We also have a competent procurement team in place that ensures that we only bring in products and raw materials with the highest quality. All products in our stable come with accurate specifications and dimensions, as well as conform to the relevant quality and safety regulations. All our products also offer added protection against electrocution, fire, and pollution, safeguarding the life and property of your family.

No-hassle installation procedure

Not everyone can handle several days or weeks of drilling, cutting and various construction works. If you are getting irritated by the noise, imagine how the neighborhood would feel about the constant disturbance. That’s undoubtedly not a good way to announce your arrival into any community. There’s also the pollution of air, land, and water bodies that come with this kind of onsite construction work.

Choosing any of our portable buildings eliminates all the issues that come with the construction of brick and mortar structures. We carry out all our construction work at a convenient off-site location where we can deploy all our expertise and apply our robust manufacturing process. All the parts and segments are manufactured at our off-site location. At the completion of your project, we move it to your site and install it for you. The installation only takes a couple of hours, and it involves fixing and assembling all the parts. This means you can start residing in your portable building as quickly as possible.

All structures offer significant flexibility

Sometimes, you might want to make structural changes to your existing structure for reasons best known to you. You might need more room to accommodate more family members or employees. Achieving this kind of feat with traditional buildings can be an uphill task because you will have spending lots of money on demolishing all or parts of the existing structure. You will also need to hire workers who will work on the project for weeks. In short, it is similar to building from scratch.

The portable buildings manufactured by SAMAN POS are an amalgamation of various segments and features that combine to create an aesthetically appealing building. Making structural changes is as easy as detaching and adding new sections or add-ons. You will be able to create your dream house – a structure that features all the requirements as pictured in your imagination.

Minimal maintenance

It is impossible to end this piece without talking about the ease or cost of maintenance of your portable building. If we consider the time and the cost of maintaining brick and mortar structures, then it will be safe to say portable buildings cost significantly less to maintain. Traditional buildings require regular maintenance, which usually involves repainting rusted frames, refurbishing structures, carrying out partial demolitions, and regular cleaning. This can be very time-consuming.

Portable buildings, on the other hand, do not require all those time consuming and rigorous process. Our structures are build and design with premium grade raw materials that have been proven to last many decades without showing any noticeable signs of wear, corrosion, or structural abrasion. Our prefabricated structures are designed to show cutting edge endurance and durability.