Prenatal and Postpartum Healthcare Services at Raveco Medical, NY

As a woman, receiving your child into this world requires adequate healthcare preparations from the onset of your conception, gestation, delivery, and the time after that. As such, you need to consult the best professional services near you. Worry no more as Jackson Heights pregnancy healthcare services are offered by trained and well-experienced healthcare professionals who compassionately adhere to your health concerns. The practitioners’ team has an excellent patient-doctor relationship that has benefited in serving the women in the areas of Jackson Heights, Forest Hills, Woodside, and beyond.

The team starts your journey with you from the time you know you are expectant through delivery and beyond. For consultations or further information on our services, call the Forest Hills offices or request an appointment via the online feature today.

What is entailed in Pregnancy Care?

The overall activities involved in pregnancy care include training and treatments to ascertain that you carry a healthy pregnancy, labor, and safe and healthy delivery.

First, pregnancy care begins by the confirmation at eight weeks. The team sets up a prenatal plan that suits your needs for the following nine months. Consistent prenatal visits help healthcare professionals monitor the progress of your pregnancy, detect any potential complications, and tackle them before they become serious.

At Raveco Medical, your doctor’s activities include the provision of education, screening, and the relevant health support you require as you inch closer to being a mother. Each pregnancy is unique,  therefore you are a beneficiary from the supportive care of the healthcare practitioners despite the number of children and experience you might have had.

What Transpires at My First Pregnancy Appointment?

First, the doctor will invite you in for a seated discussion to have accurate information about your family and personal health history. Further particulars regarding your health such as measuring blood pressure, weight, and other vital signs, will be considered.

Your urine and blood screenings are taken purposefully to ensure your present health is not regarded as high risk.

What Occurs at My Future Pregnancy Appointments?

As much as each pregnancy is customized to individuals, make it a point to visit Raveco Medical in the first twenty weeks of the gestation period at least once a month, twice a month from twenty-eight to thirty-six, and every week from thirty-six to forty weeks.

Each of the visits is essential as it helps the healthcare providers evaluate your pregnancy’s state through tests and observations of your baby’s growth. Also, abdominal girth measurement, weight monitoring, and in-office periodic ultrasound imaging give your practitioner the intuition of your baby’s development.

The visits provide enough time for questioning the doctor on diet or exercises, having genetic blood tests, and assessing your gestational diabetes.

What If You Have A High-Risk Pregnancy?

Potential complications accompany a high-risk pregnancy. Being thirty-five and beyond likely puts you as a high-risk candidate, having underlying medical conditions like lupus or diabetes, or carrying multiple babies.

At Raveco Medical, having a high-risk pregnancy allows the physicians to walk with you every step of your gestation period to help you get an expected healthy delivery. Prenatal visits may increase in number to give enough time for you and your baby’s health checks. Ensure to adhere to your obstetrician’s recommendations.

For more information or consultations, call the Raveco Medical office or book an online appointment today.