Holding a virtual AGM in Singapore is no easy feat for companies. They also find digital communication difficult because of the physical barriers they impose. Well. The key is to prepare and keep your cool during the event.

Create a script like the best writer in the world. Here are some tips you should follow.


What you would say comes from the presentation materials (spreadsheets and other visual aids) and your knowledge about everything going on in the company. The purpose of a script for an AGM webcast in Singapore is to guide you, so keep everything short. Do this by only including the subject matter or a few keywords to remind you of something.


There is no harm in writing word per word for peace of mind, but consider that the reason for having a script is to prevent getting derailed or forgetting crucial details. Write one with this in mind, and remind yourself that reading from it is a big no-no. (Tip: If you have video production in Singapore, include that as a guide for the flow.)


A virtual AGM and production in Singapore have a flow. It starts with opening remarks and ends with something that culminates all the topics. Organise the script according to the flow. Add numbers and tables to maintain the flow, and write something convenient for the speaker. It makes a world of difference when you have an organised AGM webcast.


The right mix of complex and simple words is something you should consider. Since the business and commerce world is a bit technical, use words that everyone will understand. Stay away from anything that will leave the viewers dazed and confused.

Prepare a script for your virtual AGM in Singapore by following these tips, and collaborate with Will Dylan TV to curate something interesting for your company. Visit their website.