Preventing Children Illness Through Pet Waste Removal

Preventing illness with children through pet waste removal may seem far fetched to some. The idea may not be that out there, as we may initially think. As children’s immune systems develop from day one, increasing their immunities, they will succumb to illness in one form or another at some stage. The introduction of pet waste in the equation could potentially be harmful if not fatal in some cases. Because of this, it’s imperative you perform the correct hygiene techniques for your lawn where children may play. A pet waste removal service can be a great option if you don’t have time to do it yourself properly. Some removal services will cover residential homes, apartments, public parks, and even commercial properties.

Preventing sickness is one of the most vital goals with any new parent, so why would one risk having their kids become ill from a pet waste problem in their yard? Proactively going about your yard or hiring a pet waste removal service is an excellent way to prevent any extreme illness from happening, reducing the chance of you having to travel to an urgent care hospital for medical treatment. Taking the correct step in precautionary care can do wonders for your family’s health, and with a pet waste removal service, you have more time to spend with your family and pets doing quality things that matter.

Did you know that pet waste is an environmental non-point source pollutant? That means it’s placed in the same category as herbicides, insecticides, grease, oil, and toxic chemicals. Dog poop does not make good fertilizers either and has been known to carry the following diseases, parvo, corona, giardiasis, and tapeworms. The EPA estimates that a couple of days worth of dog droppings from a population of about one hundred dogs would be enough bacteria to temporarily close a water source area and within twenty miles of it, to swimming and fishing.

The bottom line is simple, nobody wants to be sick, and removing dog dropping is a great preventive measure you man not have accounted for. So why wouldn’t you take preventative measures? The last thing you want is your child picking up fecal matter and ingesting it. Invest in the time of removing pet waste from your lawn or hire a removal service to assist you on top of it and keep your family safe. The economic consequences can pile up fast between taking time off work, bills, and general productivity declining. It all comes down to being the best that you can be!

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