Pro Packing Tricks That You Can Use During Packing

Packing like a pro is something that will definitely help you during your van renting hours. Not only that it will help you return the van on time, but it will also help you keep the items safe during the transport, and of course, with these tricks, you will also get to fit all of the items necessary into the van at once. Doing so will prevent you from having a need to do extra trips, which is never a good thing.

Where to rent a van?

Considering where you are renting the van is one of the first things that you should consider while planning your move. Choosing a trustworthy provider that will not have any shady things in the contract is definitely important. Not only it will save you from a lot of stress, but a lot of money as well. Another thing to look for while renting are possible discounts and coupons that might get you a better deal.

Big vans are always suggested

Roll the clothes

Something that we are all thought already in our childhood is how to fold clothes nicely so they can fit into our wardrobe. When it comes to packing during the move, you should forget all of that. While folding traditionally definitely makes the clothes look nicer and easier to choose from, rolling them instead is a better option thanfolding them.

This will certainly let you put more clothes into a single box while you are doing the move yourself while renting a vehicle. Another thing that is very essential while you are packing, is to pack into boxes and not plastic bags, not only because they are easier to carry into and out of the van, but also because they will protect your items better.

Pack essentials into a special box

While this might take a bit more time while you are packing, selecting the essentials from different areas of the house and packing them into a single box will definitely help you once you move into the new office or house during your first few days. Having the essential items in multiple boxes can take quite a lot of time during unpacking, especially if you are not sure which item is where.

Ask a friend to help

Heavy items on the bottom

This might be a given, but putting heavier items into the van first or on the bottom of the boxes is quite a good idea, as adding them later on can crush the items bellow, which is something that nobody wants. Workers that offer professional van hire Sydney from Go With The Gecko also suggest to get a loading ramp when loading heavier items into and out of the van.

Final Word

Renting a van from a trusty provider will certainly help you during your moving process when it comes to saving you some money when you compare it to the overpriced moving services. It is also a good idea to ask your rental provider to rent you some items such as boxes and ropes for example.