Professional Athlete Signatures to Get in Newport Beach


Wallace Butts

James Wallace Butts, more commonly known as Wally Butts, was an American football player at Mercer University and coach at the University of Georgia. His team, the George Bulldogs, took the national championship in 1942. He also coached at Male High in Louisville, Madison A&M, and Georgia Military College in Milledgeville. Over the course of ten years of high school coaching, he lost only ten games total. Recognized by his short, squat body, Wally Butts was only five feet, six inches tall and was often called “the little round man”. But whatever he lacked in stature, he made up for with innovative techniques such as pass routes that were studied by other coaches later on. LCG Signatures, a celebrity and sports memorabilia company in Newport Beach, California, sells signed photos of James Wallace Butts for less than five hundred dollars.

Milwaukee Braves 1954 Team

In 1954, the Milwaukee Braves team consisted of Hank Aaron, Eddie Mathews, Warren Spahn, Del Crandall, Andy Pafko, Charlie Grimm, Gene Conley, Joe Adcock, Johnny Logan, Dave Koslo, Bill Burton, Roy Smalley, Jack Dittmer, Sibby Sisti, Chet Nichols, Ernie Johnson, Danny O’Connell, Jim Pendleton, Joey Jay, Dave Jolly, George Metkovich, Bob Buhl, Sam Calderone, and Bob Keely. Throughout the 1950s, Eddie Mathews and Hank Aaron hit a combined one thousand two hundred twenty-six home runs as Braves. Hank Aaron was originally an inexperienced infielder that stepped in when Bobby Thompson broke his ankle but ultimately proved himself to be one of the best baseball players of all time. At LCG signatures in Newport Beach, California, you can buy a vintage baseball signed by the entire 1954 Milwaukee Braves team for just nine hundred seventy-five dollars.

Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali, nicknamed The Greatest, was a professional boxer, poet, philanthropist, activist, and entertainer. After winning a gold medal in the light heavyweight division at the 1960 Olympics, Ali turned professional. Just one year later, he became Muslim and announced that he’d be known as Muhammad Ali (rather than Cassius Clay, his birth name). At age twenty-two in 1964, he won the world heavyweight championship. In 1966, after refusing to be drafted into the military because war went against his beliefs, Ali was sentenced to prison for five years. His commitment to religion, peace, and racial integration throughout his entire athletic career is what made him a figure of pride for African Americans during the civil rights movement. LCG Signatures, located in Newport Beach, California, sells professional athlete autographs and merchandise. For the avid Muhammad Ali fan, you can buy a signed, limited edition robe and trunks for twelve thousand five hundred dollars.

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