Programming Languages Every New Data Scientist Need To Know:

Language is medium to communicate with others similarly programming language are medium to communicate with the digital world You should know the programming languages if you want to be a data scientist For this you can enroll yourself in data science training in Bangalore to learn programming language

Most popular programming languages:

There are few top-rated programming languages a data scientist must know:


It is the most common and widely used programming language by data scientist This language used in artificial intelligence, web development, machine learning and other


R is also a common and powerful tool written in C and Fortran It is used in computer statistics and graphics by data scientist


It is also another most common language that makes software for many platforms, usually used for mobile, computer, and web development


SQL( structured query language) is also common and easy to learn

Its also written by C language It is used to create the database, creates tables, and edit them


It is used to perform scientific and numeric analysis It is faster than another language that’s why it is getting popular rapidly


It is used to perform advanced mathematical functions in data science


It is a better choice for imposing machine learning algorithm at a low level

Best programming language considered by Data scientist:

Although all the programming language have equal importance in the data science field, research tells that Python is the most used programming language by data science course in Bangalore The rate of using Python is 90% in data scientist community

Another language posses the same importance as Python, and that is called R language

If anyone wants to make a career in data science must learn both of the languages because the individual has the skill of these programming languages are more likely to start a career as a data scientist