Public Liability Insurance for Sole Traders and Contractors

When unexpected circumstances occur, it is a great relief if you have prepared yourself beforehand.  The purpose of public liability insurance is to protect your business and shield you from significant financial losses. It is designed to protect you from the financial risk of causing property damage or personal injury to others while at work. If your business activities cause property damage or personal injury to someone else, generally you are liable for any resulting financial costs. At All Trades Cover, we offer public liability Insurance packages for tradespeople at a competitive price.

Public Liability Insurance is vital for all tradespeople, including business owners, sole traders and contractors. In some occasions, Public liability Insurance is mandatory, and in other instances, it is a useful way of protecting yourself, your business and all your assets.

As a sole trader or a contractor, you are responsible for your actions on a worksite. If you cause any property or equipment damage that is not yours, or your actionsin injury to another person you are liable for financial losses, legal defence costs and other possible charges. It applies even after you’ve left the worksite, completed a job or retired. 

Majority of worksites that are run by building and construction companies don’t let subcontractors on-site without a Certificate of Currency (Certificate of Insurance). Those companies generally have mandatory public liability requirements for all sole traders and contractors.

We at All Trades Cover provide you with easy monthly payment options and offer multiple levels of public liability cover. Even if public liability insurance is not mandatory in your case, it is an essential and effective way to protect yourself, secure your business and assets if you are a self-employed tradesman. 

Public Liability Insurance Limit

Levels of cover for public liability insurance start at $5 million. There is no set maximum limit in Australia, but for the majority of business types, the maximum is $20 million. All Trades Cover offers 5$, 10$ and $20 million liability covers. 

The cost of obtaining public liability insurance for a tradesman is usually very affordable and starts from as low as $30 a month. The price depends on your business type, where you are located and the size of your business.

Similar to other types of insurance, the public liability insurance cost and the level of cover you require depend on the potential risk that you present. If your business activities are deemed as higher risk, you need a higher level of insurance and are charged a higher premium. Respectively, if you are considered a lower risk, you will require a lower level of cover and pay a lower premium.

To find out more and arrange your public liability insurance, you can use the All Trades Cover online quoting system. If you are higher risk, a technical or unique trades business owner, sole trader or contractor, we can provide you with professional advice for any enquiry you may have.