Raksha Bandhan Festival of Brothers and Sisters

RakshaBandhan regarded as the festival of brother and sister is worldwide famous. It is a festival celebrated in India wherein the brothers and sisters show a deep bond. This festival is one in which the sisters show affection towards the brothers. The symbolic presentation of this festival is that it represents love and togetherness for each other. Moreover sharing the bond between the brother and sister is quite a different feel. Although people are situated all around the world so this festival is all set to be celebrated around the corner.

In this festival, the sisters tie rakhi over their brother’s wrist. This depicts that the sisters tie this thread to protect their brothers. So this shows the care and affection of the sister towards brother. The thread is commonly called as the Rakhi. These are available in beautiful designs and colors. These are made up of silk threads and in which they are designed.

The meaning of this festival comes up in the story. This festival is the festival of Hindus. So every festival has some value so is the case with this. The story behind this festival is that n every religion we have gods and goddesses. So same in this once there was the need for protection of the brother so the goddess the sister helped the brother by tying a rakhi over the hand. This represents the protection that is being provided by the sisters to the brothers. The importance of this festival lies that it is celebrated in various parts of India. Also, the meaning of this festival is really good so people just celebrate it and enjoy the vibe of the festival. This festival is just the festival where people enjoy and in return, the sisters are treated with gifts.

Talking about how this festival is celebrated. The sisters who stay away either parcel their rakhi online to the brothers. Mostly it is experienced that the brother staying out of town or country feels bad about not celebrating this festival. But the solution to this problem is also overcome with the advancement in the technology. We have a lot of options available to send gifts to USA. This helps them to even celebrate the festival and enjoy while being in their places. So this doesn’t give the feeling of disheartening. We also have a variety of options available where in this festival not only the rakhi is shared but people practice to give gifts to each other. This increases the craze in the festival and it becomes joyful at the same time. In return, the brothers accept the love by distributing gifts and this is the most interesting part of this festival enjoyed by the sisters.

This represents how the festival is celebrated and how meaningful it is. At the same time enjoying every moment is necessary so this is celebrated according to that and at the same time increasing the bond and love and affection between the brothers and sister and deeply understanding the value of relationships is acquired.