Remedies for Neck Pain

As you continue to stare at your computer, phone, and other electronic devices for prolonged periods, you could be damaging your neck. The neck could bow to muscle strain pressure, leading to a stiff neck and eventually neck pain. Las Vegas neck pain specialists could help you develop home remedies that work for neck pain. However, if the home remedies do not relieve the neck pain, further treatment may be helpful and necessary. You should know the cause of the pain, home remedies, and clinically proven therapies and medications that could work for the condition.

Causes of Neck Pain

  • Muscle tension and strain

Muscle tension could occur due to the weakening of the neck muscles due to poor posture or working at a desk for an extended time without taking breaks. A wrong sleeping position could impact most of the body’s muscles, including the neck. When you jerk the muscles on the neck during exercise, it could strain the muscles that lead to pain.

  • Injury

You could be predisposed to neck pain due to injury from car accidents, sports, and falls. During an injury, the neck muscles could be forced to move out of their normal range of motion, causing pain; however, the bones on the neck are affected adversely, leading to other issues such as spine damage.

  • Diseases

Some conditions, such as meningitis, cause the swelling of the tissues surrounding the spinal cord, brain, and neck leading to neck pain. In addition to neck pain, you could have fever and headache if you got meningitis. With immediate medical attention, you could get better. Other medical conditions that could lead to neck pain include arthritis, fibromyalgia, and osteoporosis.

Home Remedies That Could Work For Neck Pain

  • Stretching

Working for extended periods on your desk could lead to neck pain, and it is wise to stretch to keep the pain at bay. Proper stretching and tissue manipulation could include rolling your shoulders back and forth, and you could also squeeze the shoulder blades together. You could also roll your head down and from right to left to stretch the back of the neck muscles.

  • Use heat therapy

You could apply heat on the affected area to facilitate efficient blood flow, making it easy to remove the toxins in the affected area while supplying nutrients and oxygen. It could also help to press the neck with a cold bag of ice, which numbs the injury and prevent inflammation.

  • Take over-the-counter medications

OTC drugs could ease neck pain, but you should be careful not to fall into drug dependency. Be keen to check the ingredients of the drugs to avoid allergens.

  • Do slow range motion exercises

Exercise helps keep the muscles active while improving motion in the neck. However, it is prudent to avoid high-intensity exercises that could cause further damage to the neck.

The Bottom Line

It could help if you adopt some home remedies to relieve neck pain, and you could use heat therapy immediately after an injury. Slow range of motion movements could also help attain normal range of motion of the neck muscles. If the neck pain does not go away after home remedies, it is important to see a specialist for further treatment. If you are suffering from neck pain, contact McNulty Spine today.