Repairing Or Replacing Your AC Unit – What You Need To Know

If your aircon is experiencing a problem, there’s an option for you to consider—either hire an aircon service or do it on your own. A malfunctioning aircon can mean one thing—it’s not going to run well until it gets fixed. Thus you need to make better decisions ahead of you. When you repair a broken AC unit, you either choose to replace the unit or repair the damaged component.

Determining When To Repair & Replace Your Unit – The Age Of Your AC System

If the last time you opted for an install aircon in Singapore was more than a decade ago, you will need to replace the unit itself. You must understand that every aircon system has its own lifespan. A poorly maintained unit can last less than ten years. Therefore you need to determine the unit’s age before you decide to replace it soon. If your aircon is well-maintained, it can last between 15 to 25 years, which can be an investment for many to consider.

If your system is at least more than ten years old, you should expect more problems, such as breakdowns and worn-out components along the way. It increases your chance of replacing the unit soon. Paying for repairs will only cost you more in the long run, as you can expect more breakdowns unless you decide to replace the entire unit—which is better for you to choose.

Maintaining The Unit The Right Way – Avoiding Repairs


If you’ve been working with an AC unit, knowing how to take care of and improve its condition will reduce the likelihood of foreseeable repairs. Whether it’s a Haier, Electrolux or Daikin aircon in Singapore that you own or planning to buy, owners can never afford to neglect maintenance as it will only hasten the unit’s damage in more than one way. Therefore, having the knowledge of the aircon unit’s proper care is a must for a longer lifespan.

A lack of proper maintenance can strain your unit’s parts, thus causing early breakdown. The accumulation of dust and dirt is one of the primary examples of culprits for unexpected failures or lesser performance.

Whether you decide to call for aircon service or do a DIY (provided you have the right tools and knowledge to disassemble and assemble the unit), you need to keep the basic knowledge of troubleshooting and maintenance. Without further ado, here are a few simple things you can do to maintain your unit and ensure a longer-lasting value and lifespan:

Clean the AC Filter

As we have mentioned earlier, the build-up of dirt and debris in the unit’s interior can take a toll on its performance and other parts. An AC unit with a dirty and unclean filter is less efficient due to decreased system airflow, which is why many experience a surcharge in their electricity consumption. Thus you need to consider cleaning your AC unit’s filter if you want to ensure proper airflow and better efficiency.

You can consider replacing the filter every three months to reduce the wearing and tearing of your AC unit and ensure free-flow air movement. You can access your AC unit’s filter via aircon service by professionals or via DIY.

Clean the condenser coil

If your aircon’s condenser coil remains dirty, it can affect the unit’s overall system, which decreases cooling efficiency due to high humidity inside. It forces the AC to work harder while lowering system effectiveness, causing it to absorb or release more heat.

You can locate the unit’s condenser coil on the outer exterior of the housing unit—which makes it more prone to dirt exposure and airborne dust. You can always opt to call for an aircon service if you don’t know the steps or have the right tools to clean the coil. As always, you can use a garden hose to spray the condenser coil with water, but avoid having too much force to bend the fins.

Check the insulation

To further enhance your unit’s efficiency, you should consider checking its insulation. If the insulation looks worn out, damaged or rotted, consider replacing it with a new one as soon as possible.

Replacing Your AC Unit – Updating With Newer Technology


One of the most common signs you need to replace your AC unit is if you are interested in new technology. Smart technology and AC units are on the rise in today’s market. Thus many homeowners are opting for a service to install an aircon in the household to replace old ones. However, it does always come with a significant price to pay. Upgrading to the latest models can cost you thousands of dollars in exchange for smarter features that many older models often lack.

However, if you aren’t sure if it’s the right time to replace your AC unit with a smarter one, here are the most common signs to look for if it’s the right time for replacement:

  • Frequent repairs or your AC unit requires more than one repair works
  • Limited to no airflow due to clogs
  • High-level of moisture build-up within the unit
  • Higher energy bills due to inefficiency in the unit’s performance
  • You want newer smart-tech for your home

What The Experts Say

You should let the professionals assess and evaluate your AC unit if you’re unsure whether to repair or replace the aircon. Whether you need to opt for a gas top-up or an aircon chemical overhaul in Singapore, having the right professionals at hand will help you determine the condition of your AC unit. Whether a simple repair will do or if you need to replace the unit or some parts, it can be difficult to deal with what you should exactly need to do without expert guidance.

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