Restore Your Vaginal Health and Tightness in Brighton, MI

Following childbirth or simply with age, many women experience stretched-out skin in their vagina. This stretch often reduces the enjoyment of sex and may also damage your self-esteem. If you are experiencing such, the expert team of medical aestheticians at Gago Wellness provides effective treatment to restore your sexual health in Brighton. They offer Votiva, a non-ablative radiofrequency device to tighten your labial and vaginal tissues while restoring your vaginal health. Contact the office or schedule an appointment online to learn more about how they can improve your sexual health. 

What Exactly Is Votiva?

Votiva is a radio-frequency technology that utilizes two technologies; FormaV and FractoraV. It heats the external labial and vaginal mucosa tissues, gently stimulating your body’s healing mechanisms and creating healthier and stronger vaginal tissue. Your body responds to the radio-frequency treatment by producing more collagen and elastin, natural skin-strengthening compounds. Votiva treatment enhances lubrication and moisture, offering an effective, safe, and noninvasive solution for your vaginal health.

Are You a Right Candidate for Votiva?

Women who have problems linked with decreased hormone levels benefit from Votiva. You might experience problems as you go through menopause, recover from child delivery, or with aging. Some of the symptoms that can be treated with Votiva include;

  • Deteriorated vaginal muscles
  • Moderate urinary incontinence
  • Reduced libido and poor sexual self-esteem
  • Wrinkling and laxity at the vulva and labia
  • Painful feelings due to the enlarged labia
  • Less blood flow to your genitals, causing reduced sensitivity

Votiva treatment gives you increased blood flow and contraction around your vaginal tissues.

What Is Involved During Votiva Appointments?

During a Votiva appointment, the doctor uses a sterilized vaginal tool to apply the energy in radio frequencies. You might feel some heat as the device sails across the vaginal tissue. Women with vaginal dryness might experience mild discomfort as the probe enters the vaginal tissues. You will notice some improvements immediately, and the optimal results will continue developing over several weeks.

How Many Votiva Treatments Do You Require?

Most of the women opt for several treatment sessions to achieve optimum results. At Gago Wellness, the experts provide you with a customized treatment plan depending on your symptoms and how the body responds to Votiva. While you might notice immediate results and get content after a single treatment, it’s recommendable to take about three sessions scheduled a month apart. To maintain your results, you might also opt for annual maintenance treatment.

Does Votiva Treatment Require Downtime?

Following a Votiva treatment, you won’t need any downtime. You can go back to work immediately, engage in sexual intercourse and other daily activities. You may experience slight discomfort immediately, but most women do not experience any side effects.

Do not struggle with reduced sexual pressure any longer due to aging, childbirth, or menopause. The sexual health specialists at aging, Gago Wellness, are dedicated to enhancing and restoring your optimum vaginal health via Votiva treatment in and around Brighton, Michigan. If you think Votiva can help improve your vagina health, contact the office or schedule an appointment using the online tool today!