Switch to reusable bags is very important. The idea of reusable shopping bags is to bring a change in mind and convince people to stop using plastic bags. There are many homes today that are choosing single-use plastic bags. For those people, it is very important to know that millions tons of plastic enter into our oceans and are harming marine animals.

With the massive amount of plastic in our oceans, we need to speed up our efforts to clean it up. Plastics play a huge threat and damage to human lives, animals, and the environment. The effects of plastic can be devastating. With an increase in public awareness, more people are now cutting down on plastic or replacing them with reusable bags. One of these moves replace plastic with durable materials and use reusable shopping bags. Mesh produce bags are the best reusable shopping bags.

A reusable shopping bag can be used multiple times.  It is the best alternative to single-use paper or plastic bags. They are made up of 100% organic fabric that helps in ultimately reduces the amount of plastic waste produced daily. Reusable shopping bags are very good for use while shopping for groceries. You can purchase them from supermarkets or buy online. Here are three major reasons why you should start using reusable bags:

Efficiency and Effectiveness

Reusable grocery bags are known as environment-friendly bags. You must understand the purpose and learn how to use them properly. They are very useful for shopping days when you wished there was an easier way to carry stuff than plastic bags. They are bigger, better, and more efficient than plastic bags. A reusable grocery bag can hold almost anything and you can bring them everywhere you go so as to avoid using plastic bags.

Cotton reusable shopping bags are compact. You can give it a fold into a small size and it can be fit into your pocket as well as your purse easily. If you are going out in your car, you must carry a bag with you. There are some stores that are providing discounts on bringing reusable bags. So, don’t forget to bring them to the store, when you stop to shop. Reusable shopping bags are very comfortable to carry when walking long distances. They are enough to hold not just groceries but any other item like a laptop or set of books. Whatever the item you place in the bag, it will always retain its shape.

Unlike paper or plastic bags, liquids or moisture from meat and vegetables cannot dampen a reusable bag. The leaks stay within the bag. You must promote good hygiene by washing your reusable shopping bag. You could wipe off the spills with a damp cloth and washing not only removes food stains but also eliminates bacteria.


The reusable bag is a great way to reduce the harm caused by plastic bags. By using them, we all can take an initiative and reduce waste and prevent harmful toxins from getting into the air, soil, and waterways. In many countries, reusable bags are known as green bags. These green bags are introduced and intended to be used multiple times to replace the use of hundreds of plastic bags (HDPE). These bags are easy to recycle but will not biodegrade.

Plastics bags in our oceans end up in our food chain. Animals such as whales, sharks, dolphins, turtles, and even sea birds die every year by ingesting plastic. There are some marine animals who mistakenly ingest plastic bags for jellyfish and the plastic blocks their digestive tracks and they starve to death.

Seabirds, seals, and turtles are known to suffocate or drown from getting entangled in plastic waste. They also die when they get entangled which also brings about severe lacerations and ulcers.

Better than Paper Bags

Reusable shopping bags are the best bags to go for because they are better than plastic bags as well as paper bags. Paper bags are good but not the best replacement for plastic bags. They are unfair to our environment as millions of trees have to be cut down to supply the raw materials. With growing concerns about global warming, paper bags also take up a lot of energy to manufacture.

Paper bags require more fuel as they weigh almost ten times as much as plastic ones. Also, plastic bags are not the ones that end up in water bodies, paper bags are also responsible.  There is no way other than reusable mesh produce bags that offer many more benefits over single-use plastic. A reusable bag can be used for several things. You can carry your lunch, snacks; take books to and from the library, etc. By opting for reusable bags, we can shut plastic use and conserve our land and water.