Saving South America From Climate Change, A Priority For Adolfo Salume

The war on climate change is fought with unequal weapons. While rich countries can afford to implement green economic models and protect their population, the poorer countries of Latin and South America are pretty much left on their own. And they have more to lose than richer nations.

Experts agree that the South American region is one of the most challenged by extreme hydro-meteorological events that have been registered lately. Over the past decades, this has led to water and energy-related shortages, significant agricultural losses, as well as the displacement and compromised health and safety of millions of people.

South America facing an environmental catastrophe

The situation is getting worse by the year. In 2020, for instance, the surface water temperatures in the Caribbean sea rose to an all-time high This puts coastal ecosystems in danger. Marine life in coastal areas is threatened with extinction if things progress at this rate.

All these changes are already disrupting the lives of the local communities that depend largely on the sea and its economic potential.

Statistics show that across Latin America and the Caribbean region more than 27% of the population lives in coastal areas. Coastal hazards, such as ocean acidification, rising sea levels and water temperatures threaten the lives of an estimated 6–8% of the people living in these areas. Rising temperatures also affect South America’s glaciers. The region’s glaciers have been retreating steadily during the past three decades, and the ice mass loss has been accelerated since 2010.

Changing weather patterns have brought about a significant decrease in rainfalls, so the whole area was affected by drought. This spells hunger for a huge number of people.

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

As the environmental disaster is looming, the whole South American region needs decisive action. One of the first to grasp the idea is Adolfo SalumeArtinano, known throughout South America as a vocal environmental campaigner, as well as a smart businessman.

AdolfoSalume has the means to bring about the change the region needs. His approach is focused on promoting clean technology and zero-carbon business models. In an area threatened by water shortages, Salume brings environmentally-friendly water purification systems, carbon-efficient building solutions and strategies to prevent deforestation.

“I wanted to impact people’s lives through my businesses”, Salume said in a recent interview. Introducing clean business solutions makes sense not only for his enterprises, but also for the embattled communities of South America.

As many of his companies are in the food industry, Salume understands better than many others that good crops are vital for everyone in the area. His companies cannot survive without flour-producing grains, just as they cannot survive without the people. It’s the people that matter most ultimately. Those that work for him and those that rely on his food products.

Fighting climate change is all about saving the diverse environment of South America and its people, and Adolfo Salume is keen on achieving both.