Screen Printing: Affordable Customization for Safety Vests

Customized Trend for Safety Workers

When you invest in your employees, you are investing in your companies’ future. Companies around the world are investing more and more in their employees. It increases value and employee satisfaction. This, in turn, helps the company to achieve its goals. A company must develop a nurturing attitude towards its employees. Owning them is one of the best ways to show care towards employees. Remember, your employees are representatives of your company. These include all your employees. They take your vision with them. That is why you have to own them. Nevertheless, how you can do that?

You can learn this from construction and engineering firms. Construction companies are using the power of customized safety vests for their workers. The trend is spreading around the world. The rationale behind this is very insightful. By a customized safety vest, companies ensure the safety of their workers. In addition, it gives the workers a sense of belonging to the companies. In that way, customized safety vests are a great way of branding. Customized safety vests also prove to be a low cost and effective marketing strategy as well. In addition, this provides great business exposure and instant brand recognition. Customized safety vests also add a lot to customer loyalty.

You must go for customized safety vests as well for your workers. These customized safety vests are mostly screen-printed because of their undeniable benefits. Screen Printing is widely acclaimed in the safety vest industry.

The Wonders of Screen Printing

Screen printing is a systematic process. It involves a stenciled way of transferring an image to the fabric. It is also known as silk screening. This produces a lasting printed texture of the apparel. That is why it is ideal for making customized safety vests. Screen printing comes with various benefits. Let us tell you why you must consider screen printing for your customized safety vests. You would be amazed to know about its benefits.

Benefits of Screen Printing

  • Screen Printing provides you versatility in terms of design for your brand’s image. Screen printing strikes a lasting impression at first sight.
  • Screen Printing is compatible with all fabric colours. However, in safety vests, mainly three colours are used; yellow, green and orange. All of these come in shades of neon. In addition, the fabric is luminescent as well. Make sure to choose the right and apt colour palette for your image. Screen printing enhances the visibility of the vest as well.
  • Provides bold and striking colour results. This is necessary for printing over luminescent fabrics. Only screen printing provides the results that stand the best over this fabric. This gives more bold colours in results. The ink used in screen printing is very different. The thick nature of this ink stays firm over the fabric. Screen printing provides great ink coverage. At the same time, it gives the right adhesiveness with the fabric.
  • Moreover, the ink is suitable for safety vest fabrics such as nylon, polymer and mesh. This flexible nature allows you to print literally any kind of pattern or image. You would get detailed and high-quality results.
  • The best thing about screen printing is that it is very cost-effective. The compatible nature of screen printing makes it cost-effective. The simple yet sophisticated process adds to this factor too. It is even more cost-effective in cases of bulk orders. Screen printing also provides ease and convenience.
  • Screen printing can be done on molds as well. Unlike other printing techniques, it is not limited to plane surfaced printing. This makes it multi-purpose as well.
  • The screen-printed emblems and patterns are very firm and sturdy. This nature makes them very resistant to sun rays and rain. It enhances durability too.
  • Screen-printed is liquid-resistant as well.

Where can you get custom-made and screen-printed safety vests?

Now, you are well aware of the benefits of screen printing. You must be thinking that where you can get screen-printed safety vests. Do not worry. There are many credible vendors in the market. They might differ in quality and outcomes. The reason is that not everyone has the expertise to do screen-printing on safety vests. In addition, customization in screen printing is rare too. Only certain professional vendors can help you out in this regard.

Opentip to the Rescue!

Opentip is one of the very few vendors that provide you with affordable, customized and high-quality safety vests. Opentip specializes in safety goods. It provides you with all types of fabrics and features of an optimal safety vest. You get the best features in the market at competitive rates. They provide you with the best quality, zippered safety vests with multiple pockets. Have your custom design on your safety work vest define your workers.