Select the best place in Spain for destination wedding at affordable prices

It is true that destination wedding has legal aspects to consider. But, here we will not talk about the laws, but locations: beautiful locations in Spain to arrange destination wedding at affordable prices. Location is the key to enjoying a special day. With so many options, it’s easy to feel doubtful and lose sight of the big picture. So we want to help you decide better by showing you the best places to get married in Spain.

Getting married on the beach

If you ask the people around you what is the word they immediately associate with Spain, they will probably say “beach”. It must be borne in mind that you will not be able to celebrate your wedding on most of the beaches: it is forbidden. So make sure you find a beach, which has legal permit for arranging destination Weddings in Spain. Who would not like to say “yes, I accept” with their feet buried in golden sand?

The soft white sand, the sound of the waves crashing against the sand and the romantic sunset with the horizon behind it make any beach wedding a very popular option. Bolonia beach is one of the most beautiful in Spain. Another place with incredible beaches is Cadiz. The Costa del Sol is also an excellent option.

Getting married in the woods

Imagine the song of birds and the sunlight that spills through the treetops, while looking into your partner’s eyes and putting the ring on her finger – if this sounds the ideal scenario, then a wedding in the woods can be something perfect for you. Feeling like you are in a fairy tale is something that attracts many people to these types of places to celebrate their Weddings Spain. The advantage is that a lot of decoration is not necessary.

Getting married in a church

Traditional and of great beauty: this is a wedding in a church. If any of the bride and groom is a foreigner, you should know that to legalize the religious part of the wedding, it is necessary to guarantee an official translation into the language of the country, where you will perform this sacrament. Apart from that, it is perfectly possible to have a wedding by the church if you are religious or have a Catholic education. The Chapel of San Juan de Gaztelugatxe is worth deciding.

It is your choice – options are endless

At the top of a mountain or in the jungle, there are no limits when it comes to your wedding day. Spain is a very diverse country, which is an advantage as you will always find places that please everyone and where you can celebrate your wedding in style. Celebrating a wedding on one of the Spanish coasts is a great option if you dream of getting married on the beach. Wedding on the south east coast of the country is a very attractive option, but we must not forget the beautiful coastlines of the rest of the country. Especially the northern coast of Spain, internationally known for its pure nature and the beautiful green areas that make it a dream place to celebrate a wedding.