Sending Packages From USA To Ukraine Made Easy With Professional Package Delivery Services

Sending packages to your friends, family, and relatives is easy and convenient these days. All that you will have to do is to choose the right package delivery service provider. Many from the USA would want to send packages to countries like Ukraine and this is carried out perfectly by some top-notch logistics solution providers like the Dnipro LLC Company. The company brings with it several years of experience and expertise in this arena. When you send the package through professional logistic services, you can not only save money but can also be assured about safe and secure delivery of the package. 

Cost-effective option

Sending packages from the USA to Ukraine through Dnipro LLC is less expensive when compared to USA postal services. It also comes across as a cheaper option than other courier services. It charges a minimum price of $32 for sending packages of up to 5 lbs by air. The best part is that it offers free insurance of up to $60 on your packages. 

Services offered

  • Delivery of personal packages
  • Delivery of goods from online stores
  • Motorcycle shipping
  • Car and boat shipping
  • Shipping of special equipment
  • Container shipping
  • Air freights and many other such services

Pick up option

Packages can be brought to one of our representative locations or to our warehouse in Roselle, NJ. In case this is not possible, it provides Pick up option. The company driver would pick up packages from the office or your home within 200 miles of our main warehouse in Roselle, NJ. It provides pick-up packages from your place in the states of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Connecticut, and New Hampshire and also includes all other areas of New York.

In case, you have any queries or concerns, you can contact their customer support services to know more. Dnipro LLC is the best and most professional service as far as the delivery of packages from the USA to Ukraine is concerned. It scores in terms of cost, professionalism, reliability and safety in delivery. Check out the official site to know more about Dnipro LLC.