Should You Invest in Auto Insurance With Accident Forgiveness Coverage?

Getting closer to the holidays usually means more people will be driving, so now is a good time for drivers to review their auto insurance policy. But if you’re a driver, one of the nicest gifts you can give yourself this holiday season is an insurance coverage that includes accident forgiveness.

Extending Mercy in the Event of an Accident

At its most fundamental level, “accident forgiveness” refers to a clause included in some forms of car insurance. In the event that the policyholder causes an accident while driving their insured car, the insurance company undertakes not to increase the policyholder’s premiums under this clause. These promotions can be a good idea during peak traffic times like the holidays, when the likelihood of getting into an accident is higher than the likelihood of obtaining a good deal, because accidents are very costly and will almost likely lead to higher premiums the next time you buy a plan.

What Is Accident Forgiveness Coverage? – Forbes Advisor

Accident forgiveness is a reward offered by many auto insurance companies, both to their most loyal clients and to new customers who have switched from their prior insurers. This benefit is included in a bundle these companies are offering. Due to the fact that teenagers pose such a high risk to insurance companies, more and more companies are catering to the parents of juvenile drivers by providing them with insurance policies. The accident forgiveness provision in a car insurance policy may look like a free pass from responsibility; yet, it’s likely that the offer is too good to be true, despite its attractiveness and temptation.

Do you know how much of an effect “accident forgiveness” has on your auto insurance premiums?

You know how getting into a car accident might increase your insurance rates by a certain percentage, often by as much as forty percent. Now, if you’re a driver who’s prone to collisions, accident forgiveness could prove useful. There’s a chance that getting accident forgiveness will help you out. Alternatively, if you tend to drive safely, it may seem like a waste of money to you.

But if you want to be 100 percent sure, talking to your representative is the best thing you can do to find a solution to a problem like this. While a free pass in the event of an accident is a great perk, it’s not always the greatest choice if you’re a safe driver and don’t anticipate any troubles in the near future.