Should Your Grand Junction Car Accident Case Go to Court?

Are you a victim of a car accident caused by someone else’s negligence? If so, seeking compensation for your injuries and vehicle damage can be overwhelming. You may not know what to do and don’t have the time and energy to do your homework while you are trying to get the medical treatment you need. 

Although you might go to court to receive fair and full compensation, most car accident claims settle outside of court. But, you should not worry about going to court if that’s what it takes to get the compensation you deserve. A reputable Car Accident Lawyer Grand Junction can make going to court a lot easier for you. They have represented many accident victims in the past and have successfully protected their rights and sought compensation for them.

Negotiating with the At-Fault Driver’s Insurance Provider

The possibility of your case going to court depends on how your negotiations with the insurance carrier of the other driver go. Colorado is a fault-based car insurance state, which means you can file your initial claim to damages with the insurance provider of the party who caused the accident. After your report the collision, you will be contacted by an insurance claims adjuster to start a case review. Knowing how to deal with the claims adjuster will increase your chances of getting fair compensation from the company. 

During your conversion, avoid admitting you contributed to the crash. Even if this might be true, wait for the police report. Also, minimize what you share with the adjuster. This way, you don’t end up saying something that can be used against you to either reduce your claim or deny it altogether. And because insurance companies take every case seriously, it is best to hire a lawyer to speak on your behalf. An experienced lawyer uses aggressive tactics to convince an adjuster to provide a reasonable amount of your medical bills and property damages. If the insurance company does not agree to your attorney’s demand, your case can be brought to court. 

Taking Your Case to Court

Usually, taking a car accident claim to court could lead to a high award. If you win the case, you could be paid for more than just medical costs and property damage. The court may also award you for your non-economic damages like pain and suffering and lost quality of life. Also, a judge may sometimes grant punitive damages. Should your Grand Junction case goes to trial, an attorney can give you legal representation.