Simple DIY Projects That Will Save Your Sliding Gate From Falling Off Too Early

A sliding gate is a fancy “compound door” that protects your properties from bandits. This stunning gate is baptized by many hours of design and fabrication to earn its holy title of protecting both commercial and private property. The glamorousness of these gates comes with hidden costs- it requires maintenance. Commercial sliding gate maintenance is a systematic approach to ensuring your gate remains operational as well as beautiful all year round.

Not all times your gate stops functioning; you pick your phone and call for maintenance teams! Sometimes, it might be a simple glitch that requires simple DIY skills to fix it.  In this article, we are going to reignite your already existing DIY skills by enlightening you on the maintenance tips of a sliding gate.

  1. Inspect your gate

Don’t be sliding in and out of your compound with a V8 without reserving a few seconds for checking your gate; one day, it may lock you out.  Visual inspection is the first step in the process of commercial sliding gate maintenance. At this point, you will identify flaws in the functionality of your sliding gate.

Make sure the bolts are tight.  If you notice loose holding cables, call commercial sliding gate maintenance teams to resolve the issue.  If you fix these items on your own, you might worsen the situation.  And make sure you are around when they are repairing; this will not only feed your curiosity but also help you get to know how these gates are fixed.

  1. Keep your gate lubricated

Are you tired of squealing sounds produced when your gate is sliding to open or close? The squealing sound is one way of your gate saying it’s thirsty for a lubricant! Oiling the moving parts of a sliding improves its operations as well as lengthening its service life.

Pay attention to pulleys, rollers, screws, hinges, etc., that require a lubricant. Sliding gates working under friction breaks down frequently, so lubrication is their basic need; it will save you from costly repairs.

  1. Automate your sliding gate

Automated gates stand out with their fancy and simple modes of operation. Though they might be expensive, it is better to have one. The commercial sliding gate maintenance process also repairs the electrical and remote system used to open and close your gate.

Some automated sliding gates have a complex system that detects an operational failure and alert you on time before the problem escalates. However, you must also maintain the electrical system to keep your gate functional.

  1. Inspect the auto-reverse mechanism

Inspect the auto-reverse mechanism at least once per month. The easiest way to check this mechanism is by placing a chunk of wood across the gate to prevent it from closing. If the auto-reverse mechanism is working very well, it will reverse the movement of the gate to its original position- full open.  If the opposite occurs, call for commercial sliding gate maintenance teams to come and fix the issue.

A sliding gate greatly improves the security of your home. But if it fails to operate, call commercial sliding gate maintenance crews to inspect it.  Otherwise, use these simple tips to lengthen its service life.