Six e-commerce ideas for 2021

There’s no escaping the fact that e-commerce is thriving these days. The COVID pandemic has driven many retailers online, and as a result, competition for customers and sales is on the up. By diversifying your approach to the products you sell online, you can help to boost your business and set yourself up to thrive in 2021.

Get a web store

E-commerce is 2021’s big trend Thankfully, it has never been easier to get started. Look at sites such as find your perfect domain name at to get your website up and running fast. Web hosting sites such as these allow you to buy domain name and arrange your hosting service quickly and easily, letting you get back to focussing on the business side of things.

And, with your shop is ready to go, you’ll want some fresh ideas on what to sell. Here are six popular e-commerce items performing well in 2021.

Health and beauty

With so many different products available, there’s certainly scope for innovation in the health and beauty market. A growing concern for environmental issues means that “naked” or unpackaged products using eco-friendly ingredients are a big trend, and there are always new products being launched. Those with a flair for marketing and creating effective social media campaigns are likely to be the most successful with health and beauty selling.

Smart tech

This corner of the market looks set to grow and grow, especially as 5G rolls out this year. From smart wearables through to gadgets for the home, there are a great many options available for a tech-savvy retailer. New launches of the latest products can provide exciting opportunities for making great profits.

Toys and games

Always a great seller, toys and games are ideal in these lockdown times. Available at a range of price points and catering for any interest, you can certainly make great profits by focussing on this market.

Second hand

Second hand can make for great success. Not just limited to clothing, other items such as vintage homewares and jewellery are all proving popular online. Check out hashtags such as #vintage and #preloved to get a feel for the kind of products which are currently proving popular with buyers.

Educational content

If you have a skill or knowledge base, why not monetise it by selling a course or tutorial sessions online? Whether it’s knitting or accountancy, people are happy to pay to learn online.


If you believe you have a novel in you, put it to the test and publish online. With no need to pay agent’s or publisher’s fees, all of the profit made will be yours. It doesn’t have to be fiction, either, although that certainly sells well, particularly genre titles. Any subject which interests you can turn into a bestseller online.

It’s clear that there are a great many options to start your e-commerce journey. Choose the market that best suits your interests and skill set, and your online business should flourish in 2021.