Smart Bitcoin Dealing in the way You Need

Bitcoin has already made history. The outstanding history, the characteristic properties and the course development of the past years speak for themselves. Bitcoin is the main cryptocurrency and offers an alternative to our traditional financial system. Well-known companies and institutional investors are now recognizing the great potential of Bitcoin. But how can you invest safely and easily in Bitcoin? Where can you buy Bitcoin? How can you trade Bitcoin? Why is it worth investing in Bitcoin? Let us know what the Bitcoin Dealers already do.

How And Where To Buy Bitcoin? The Quick Passage

There are now many different ways to buy Bitcoin. The many points of contact that have emerged in recent years already offer various financial products for Bitcoin. At this point it is important to understand which goal you want to pursue by buying BTC. Do you just want to participate in the possible gains and no longer have to worry about technical aspects and storage or do you want to buy real physical Bitcoin and keep it yourself at your own risk?

There is no general answer here and each investor has his own preferences. It also matters whether you actively trade Bitcoin or just want to hold until the next big surge. There is a suitable and, above all, safe contact point for every preference.

If you only want to participate in the course of Bitcoin without having to buy real Bitcoins, a CFD broker is suitable here. These brokers represent the Bitcoin price in the form of a CFD. You can usually not buy real Bitcoin here, but only put on the replicated course. This gives you the opportunity to bet not only on rising but also on falling prices.

The Champion among Bitcoin Brokers

If this exactly meets your requirements, then you can recommend the CFD broker. Here you also have access to all other financial products such as stocks, securities, ETFs and precious metals. The advantages such as social trading and the copying of trading strategies make it very easy for beginners in addition to the good and easy usability.

Buy Bitcoin or not? The potential of BTC

Before you look at the other ways to buy Bitcoin, let’s go through the king’s question with you: Buy Bitcoin or not? Why should i buy BTC? After you have briefly begun the question of “how” and in some cases “where”, these are the two most important questions that you should at best ask yourself before or at the latest after buying Bitcoin.

21 million BTC and the peculiarity of halving

Bitcoin has a pre-programmed limit of 21 million BTC. A scarce commodity usually experiences a higher demand than an unlimited one. In addition, the inflation rate of Bitcoin, i.e. the BTC that is added every day, is completely transparent and visible to everyone. This offers the necessary security that BTC is not devalued by a central authority, as you already know it from FIAT currencies.

Bitcoins inflation rate is characterized by a peculiarity that makes it the world’s scarcest commodity in the long term: the halving. With halving, the block reward, i.e. the reward for mining bitcoins, is halved every 4 years. The next time this will happen in May 2020, after there will be only 6.25 BTC per block instead of 12.5 BTC per block, i.e. every 10 minutes.

In the long run, this can lead to excess demand, which will also affect the BTC price. Of course, it is assumed that the demand will be constant or increasing. Because the current offer on the markets is primarily due to the sales of the miners. If fewer Bitcoin are created every day, fewer can be sold on the market.