SmartBlend’s Portable Blender – A Must Have

People who are always away from home or love traveling with family and friends, will always need a way to prepare their recipes. It can be tedious to have to look for an appliance borrowed to make a sauce or a milkshake. Therefore, there is the best option and these are portable blenders which have the necessary power to make smoothies anywhere, in addition to having a very convenient size so that they can be transported very easily.

Currently there is a wide variety of portable blenders, there are from the most technological that include USB connection to the simplest, each model is designed to meet the needs of the largest number and diversity of people, if they are thinking of buying a portable blender the best ones at your disposal are with the Australian based brand, SmartBlend, since they are the best models to best suit your needs.

The best way to take advantage of all the nutrients in fruits is to consume freshly prepared juices and now with this handy portable blender you can do it at work in a few minutes. Eliminate from your diet the sodas or highly sugary drinks that harm your health and enjoy all the benefits of natural drinks.

They are the portable blenders which have the necessary power so that the shakes can be made anywhere, in addition to having a very convenient size so that they can be transported very easily inside your suitcase or even in your handbag.

It is very convenient to use since you can place the fruits inside it with the water and take it comfortably in your bag to blend it just when you are going to take it. This blender is very versatile, since it allows you to prepare a wide variety of milkshakes, and if you have babies this is an excellent option to prepare porridge or vegetable creams just before giving them.

This SmartBlend portable blender has a 2000 mAH rechargeable battery, which makes it perfect for making milkshakes, it can also be conveniently recharged on any power device such as computers or phones or any other device that has a USB port or input.

The SmartBlend has a capacity of 380 ml, which is ideal for a good portion of milkshake. The equipment is very easy to use, since it only has one button, in addition to that it is very easy to clean and dishwasher safe. In addition, the blender comes with 4 blades made of stainless steel, which makes them much more durable. This portable blender has a three-dimensional motor, which is removable and also has a very good power.

Its design is very practical and modern. You should not worry about combining your SmartBlend with your other utensils since it comes in 5 different and beautiful colors, which are black, blue, green, purple and pink. A sophisticated color and shape, far removed from the usual design of any other conventional blender.

With SmartBlend, when you are traveling or away from home and want to share with a delicious smoothie, the blender brings with it a wide variety of juice and smoothie recipes to prepare from wherever you are.

This portable blender is ideal for people who want to prepare their smoothies after exercising or for those who like to drink their really fresh juices. Also for those moms who love to create their own recipes anywhere.

SmartBlend are not usually very expensive, since their power is lower compared to traditional blenders, although these portable models have enough power so that juices and milkshakes that are made with them remain with the ideal consistency. So it certainly becomes the best option and solution for when you are away from home. It is comfortable, useful, practical and the best thing is that it looks really good. You will get the greatest benefits only with a SmartBlend.


Mix and drink from the same bottle.

Capacity: 380ml

Power: 150w

Battery Capacity: 2000mAh/3.7V

Motor Standards: DC7.4V

Material: Food Glade PP + 304 Stainless Steel + PC + ABS + Silicone

Motor Speed (Load): 15000RPM

Motor Speed (No-Load): 22000RPM

Use time: 10-12 timer per charge.

Momentary Switch

Easy to clean 

Easy to use and simple tuning.

Create smoothies, protein shakes and cocktails for yourself.

Time and effort savings.

Dimensions: 23.5cm high x 8cm wide x 8cm deep.

Weight: 684 grams.

With 2A adapters, USB computer and Power Bank.

SmartBlend comes in black, blue, green, purple and pink.

SmartBlend includes:

Main Cup.

Sponge Cleaner.

USB cable (no plug adapter included)

Manual book.

50 Smoothie recipes.

SmartBlends portable blenders also come with a 30 day money-back guarantee, which means if you’re not satisfied with your purchase, you can send it back (postage paid by you) and receive a full refund. 

Not only that, but each blender comes with a 3 month product guarantee, so if you experience any problems with your blender, simply send it back to SmartBlend and they will send you a new one free of charge. Not refunds possible once you are outside of your 30 day-money back guarantee. 

So whether your need your smoothies at home while cleaning the house, in the office while working away, at the gym sweating it out, or even travelling the world, SmartBlend’s portable blenders are the perfect addition to your lifestyle. If you haven’t checked them out yet, head over to SmartBlend… you won’t be disappointed.