Some Characteristics of Instant Electric Water Heaters

One increasingly preferred choice for domestic hot water is instant electric water heaters, which are also known as tankless or on-demand water heaters. Unlike traditional storage tank water heaters that consistently heat and reheat water, instant heaters only warm up water when it requires it and hence provide hot water on demand continuously. The following advantages emerge:

Space saving ability

The snap-in installation of an instant electric water heater is one advantage over traditional tank systems; this allows them to occupy ¼ of the space that a conventional tank would have occupied. Advanced heat exchanger coils make them bulky-storages-tank free because they heat water as it flows through at high speed. Small sizes enable easy installations in tight places like under sinks or small closets.

Unlimited hot water supply

With their continuous flow and heating design, instant electric hot water systems can deliver unlimited amounts of hot water to support multiple taps and showers operating at once.  As long as inflow can keep up with use, there will always be plenty of hot water.

Fine temperature control

These instantaneous heaters have complex sensors and control mechanisms that enable them to regulate their power consumption accurately and thus control temperature precisely. Most models let people manually set the required level or have settings like low, medium or high depending on their needs while others have digital displays indicating the exact temperatures of the fluid flowing out.

Safe and long-lasting

In addition to requiring very little maintenance due to few moving parts, there are no flames or other combusting parts in these devices. The sophisticated security systems have multiple freeze, high-temp, pressure, and flow sensor protections. They also have a simple interior that guarantees the lifespan of up to 20 years is longer than most tanks.

Easy maintenance

Bulky storage tanks do not exist in these devices: thus; this makes them easy to be maintained over time. Simple maintenance is all that is usually required such as descaling, filter cleaning and periodic inspection. Limited combustion and parts also mean fewer things that need to be looked at or replaced. If need arises, parts are quite cheap as they are easier to build.

Flexible installations

Instantaneous water heaters are highly versatile due to their availability in electric, gas or propane models for use with electricity instead of gas or oil like traditional boilers especially for a retrofit scenario. Many small electric units plug into existing wall outlets without requiring any electrical upgrades.


Instant electric tankless water heaters are efficient, safe and reliable with advanced controls and features that will give you a continuous supply of hot water when you need it in a compact wall mounted unit that requires minimal maintenance over its lifespan.