As we knew that data science has become very important these days and everybody wants to learn data science. This increase in demand for learning data science is because of high job prospects and the opportunities offered in the field of data science. But it is not a cup of tea to start with data science. Although it is not even very hard, still one needs to be acquainted with the basics of various things that are supposed to be learnt by the person by heart. 

How to start?

Data science wants you to be good at business analytics and mathematics. But knowing only a few basics of business analytics and being good at high school mathematics does not guarantee that you can be a good data scientist. Data science Course in Bangalore requires special kinds of skills which are supposed to be acquired by constant effects and practice. Even though you are not good at one of the aforementioned, you can easily start and work in the field that you like and are good at and slowly improve your command over other concepts. But one thing that is very important is that you must know programming very well in order to be a data scientist.

What is programming?

We know that a computer cannot understand the languages we speak. A computer understands only the language of zeros and ones. But it is very difficult for us to instruct the computer to do specific things in that language of zeros and ones. Hence we use certain high level languages in order to give instructions to the computer, and higher level language is translated to the computer language of zeros and ones using the compiler which is a software which translates a program into the machine language line by line and notifies users in case of any errors and warnings in the program. 

Which programming languages to start with?

There are tons of computer programming languages which one can try to learn. If one has to start with basic programming, one can start with the C language, and then slowly learn C++ or Java. But the language which is important for data science is the R language. Before learning the R language one can start with learning Python to get a feel of programming and master the basics. Then slowly one can start learning the R language. R language is easier than Python. Hence, if a person knows Python before hand, it would be very easy for having to start with R language. 

Things to keep in mind

There are certain things that are supposed to be kept in mind before starting with programming. Programming is a very vast field. Your programs won’t run if you even forget a semicolon after any line. Hence it is something that demands practice. Hence it is something that demands practice otherwise you will not be able to debug programs and solve problems in data science. Hence it is always recommended to start with a language like Python before moving onto the R language and starting with data science.

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