Steps involved in Event Planning

Event planning is a crucial task to do, it’s a stressful job because if not planned well you may end up messing with the reputation of your clients. During a grand opening JB event due to lack of planning and understanding between the team, the event became a flop and every guest returned home unsatisfied. Event Plannermy is an event company that takes lessons from such incidents and train its team members to perform well. To avoid a situation like the following steps should be followed very carefully. 

Step 1- Set goals and objectives

Before starting anything important first you should set your goals and objectives for the event. Chalk out all the best things about the event which is going to take place and highlight the key features. Make a list of target audiences and special guests. 

Step 2- Set the Budget

Budget is the key feature of your event and it is an essential step before making any other planning. Also, a planned budget will help you avoid any unwanted expenses. Ask your client how much they want to spend on an event and then plan accordingly. Make sure you don’t eliminate your margin while achieving your clients’ goals. 

Step 3- Preparation of Team

With a good team, you can achieve anything. A small event can be handled alone or with just two people but big events required a proper team to handle all the tasks of the event. After building up a team delegate the roles and responsibilities of every team member, make a list of who is going to perform which task so that nothing falls apart. 

Step 4- Finalizing venue and date- 

Decide the date on which your event is going to take place and then decide the venue, sometimes we don’t get the venue available on the expected date so it is better to have more than one date and more than one venue. And starting your venue hunt as soon as possible so that you get a cheaper rate for early bird. 

Step 5- Finalize your plan- 

Once you are done with your budget, team, venue, and date, make a proper plan for the event. Mention all the things in a detailed manner and mark important parts. Assign different tasks to different people and make a proper schedule. Make a proper agenda for the day and always prepare a backup plan if things went south. List the name of all the people who are going to be a part of the event and note down their contact information as well. From food to decoration include everything in your plan.

Step 6-Make your Brand-

If you performed well chances, are you are going to get hired again sooner or later, so be prepared with your brand name and visiting card. Make your event a brand so that you can introduce yourself and your team members by your company name. Event management Johar Bahru companies have a very good brand image and they always introduce themselves to the guests in every event for promotion. Event Plannermy also follows these promotional techniques for more orders and clients.