Straightening the Misinterpretation of Pole Dancing

You would find a lot of different dance workouts online. There is Zumba, jazz, aerobic dance, ballet, and even the older dance forms like belly dancing and pole dance. Among all of these choices, many people in Singapore have a misinterpretation of pole dance. They often had these prejudiced allegations that it is for sexual desire. However, this negative stigma is not right at all. The truth is that pole dance is not something people should be ashamed of doing since it is a form of fitness. If you think otherwise, then let this article change your mind and convince you that pole dance is what the norm believes. 

What Is Pole Dance?

As mentioned earlier, pole dance is a form of fitness. It helps you lose weight as well as develop your flexibility, balance, stamina, endurance, etc. This form of fitness allows your body to grow some strength to lift yourself in the air.

On the other hand, people from conservative countries such as Singapore assumed that pole dance is similar to stripping, but it is not. You see, pole dancing has three purposes rolled into one: art, athleticism, and spiritually. All of these express oneself—it shows the creative nature of dance while strengthening oneself by performing tricks and spins. The spiritual sides, however, show how to be carefree.

Its skimpy attire is another reason why many people presume pole dancing is stripping. All pole dancers wear less not because they want to look sexy. Well, of course, it is one of the reasons. However, the truth is that they need to expose their skin so they would not suddenly fall when spinning or doing their tricks. Hence, if they cover themselves with clothes, they might slip off the pole and get an injury. How so? You see, our skin has those lines that provide extra grip when we hold onto something. That same goes why pole dancers do not slip when they dive up or slide climb. Those lines their skin have prevents them from slipping. 

Is Pole Dance Feminist? 

Many people conclude that recreational pole dance is the manifestation of everything that is wrong with sex-positivity. Along the lines of criticism for the past years, pole dancing has become a sport as it defies its negative stigma. 

Consequently, its bad light came back into the limelight when Jennifer Lopez pole danced in her 2020 Super Bowl Halftime Show. 

At that time, most critics said that to participate in such a sensual movement is to be enslaved and disempowered by it. However, that is not always the case. The people who participated in pole dancing say that when they do a chairwork pole dance, they feel good as new. It makes them feel alive. 

The movement of pole dancing amplifies the internal strength as well as the flexibility of a person. Thus, it has been a channel to discover oneself and growth. Something those people do not know they had. 

In short, pole dancing is not about feminism. It is about finding strength within oneself. 

What Sets Pole Dancing Apart?

Aside from not wearing too many clothes, to master pole dancing, one must look at themselves in the mirror while they practice. This method is essential to build their strength, enhance their tricks so their movement would become more fluid as they dance. Sometimes, they would also positively criticise themselves. One, for example, is to look at what this body can do. This praise, however, has nothing to do with their shapes and sizes. It is more about how fluid their movement has become. 

Another thing that makes pole dancing different is that one can notice and sense something has changed. Whether it is chairwork pole dance or dive in, any of those movements would not be possible without hours of training and practice, and that adds up to its wow factor. 

Lastly, pole dancing can heal sexual trauma. It means that they are using this medium to seek permission to themselves and not from others. What they seek is the power they had inside, their strength and self-love.

Who Does Pole Dancing?

The answer is everyone. You see, pole dancing is not only for women but for men, too! However, there are many reasons why people give pole dance a try. Some want to lose weight, while others do it because they are curious about what it is. The other half, however, do it as heard pole dancing can empower themselves. 

Whatever their reasons they may have, these people who do pole dancing enjoy doing it as part of their lives. Others might think of them differently, but they know themselves that pole dancing is something good for them. 

In Conclusion

As what you have read, pole dancing has nothing to do with stripping. It has something to do in improving oneself. That is why it is not something anyone should be ashamed of doing. Thus, the purpose of the article is to let the norms in Singapore know that pole dance is a form of fitness. It is like other sports that require hours of training and practice to master one movement after another. It helps anyone discover something new about themselves.

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