Strolling At The Great 7 Beaches Nearby Jakarta

If you are interested in looking for beaches around Jakarta to unwind from the hectic routine in the city, you have come to the ideal location. Our list of beaches can be accessed from Jakarta by land or boat, with a distance of 3 hours to 6 hours. What you will get is worth the little effort! Nobody would have thought the landlocked city of Jakarta had beaches, but you’d be surprised how you can access some of the beautiful beaches so quickly. The beach is one of the perfect vacation spots in the middle of the bustle of the metropolis. This is a list of the closest beaches to Jakarta that you can visit.

  • Ancol Beach

The first recommendation is Ancol Beach which is located in North Jakarta. This is the most famous beach and the closest to the city center because you don’t have to cross the ocean from a boat to enter this location. Ancol Beach is located within Taman Impian Jaya Ancol (Taman Impian Jaya Ancol). Ancol Beach is divided into six different beaches; Ancol Carnival Beach, Ancol Festival Beach, Ria Ancol Beach, Ancol Indah Beach, Beach Pool Beach or Ancol Lagoon, and Marina Ancol Beach. Apart from staying at the best resorts in Jakarta and just stopping at this location, or staying at the Hotel Grand Mercure Jakarta Kemayoran, which has this good rating.

  • Beach in Macan Island

Macan Island is a private island that can be reached only 30 minutes away by boat at Marina Ancol, Jakarta. Diving is the most favorite activity here. The island allows only 30 guests at any time. As a result, it is reserved for people who are out to splurge. The island is renowned for combining eco-friendly ideas with contemporary technology. It is also a favorite of some romantic getaways.

  • Anyer Beach

The next closest beach is approximately 150 km from Jakarta and is named Pantai Anyer. This beach is famous for its incomparable beauty. Meanwhile, there are water sports, surfing, and snorkeling at this beach if you like action. A few nights’ stay here is enough to pamper yourself. Accommodation is offered in resorts, villas, cabins, and homestays. The best place to stay while on Anyer Beach is Hotel Aston, a luxury villa with Cuban charm. If you prefer to be close to the town of Anyer, then Hotel Aston will use its private beach and beachfront dining options.

  • Carita Beach

Besides functioning as a gateway to Peucang Island, Carita Beach is also worthy of being a tourist destination on weekends or holidays. This beach has a wealth of natural resources such as fish, seaweed, and other marine products. It is a very long sandy beach with a beautiful view of Mount Krakatau, and you can also enjoy the rhythm of the waves with the refreshing wind. A fantastic place to stay near Carita beach is your Villa Roca Layung.

  • Pasir Panjang Beach on Sangiang Island

If you are a big fan of the underwater lifestyle, then Sangiang Island is a perfect choice. The road to Sangiang island is quite easy. With Jakarta, entering the city of Serang, Banten, you can use public transportation or a car directly to Cilegon and directly to Paku Anyer Harbor. Having a boat about 45 minutes later, you will find one of the hidden paradises in Banten. If you snorkel or dive, you will find thousands of clownfish down there. Unfortunately, no hotel has been built here, but you can still stay in the homestay.

  • Tunda Island Beach

The neighboring beaches to Jakarta are mostly located in the Banten area, and this is just another beautiful beach on Tunda Island. This place is further away compared to Sangiang. Take a bus from Jakarta to Merak, get off at Pakupatan Serang Terminal. After that, continue the journey by public transportation directly to Karangantu Harbor and a two-hour boat trip to the island. This location is perfect for snorkeling with abundant coral reefs. A long journey with commensurate views upon arrival at this beach.

  • Pahawang Beach

From Jakarta, you can take the Merak Harbor bus to cross the Sunda Strait for 3 hours to reach Bakauheni Harbor in Lampung. After that, visit Ketapang Pier and choose a boat for two hours to finally get to Pahawang Island. This remote island will be very feasible to reach, especially for lovers of marine life. Snorkeling is the ideal course of action to do this, but other than that, it’s great for walking on the beautiful white sand beaches lined with palm trees. Amazing!

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