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The number of websites that are designed for secondary education is quite low on the internet. On the other hand, the number of free websites is much lower as well. This is why we wanted to share one of the best websites in this category which offers its services completely for free. Yes, you heard us right. You will not have to make any payment to benefit from the services of this platform and study online! If you are a secondary education student or teacher, we highly recommend you check this amazing website and even bookmark it for future visits.

Study Online with

This great platform is completely free and anyone can register to their systems. In addition to this, you can also subscribe to their bulletin so that you will be notified about the news and changes in the system. Any student who visits the website can benefit from the online lecturing opportunities available on the platform. The website offers classes in science, math, religion and ethics, technology and design, counseling, social studies, and English. These are the main classes that are offered worldwide. Thanks to the international curriculum available on the platform, students from all around the world can easily study online.

As a student, you do not have to register to benefit from the services offered by this platform. However, if you register, you can save your progression and let the platform remember you when you log in. This is a quite practical feature that will allow you to save time and study effectively. Students can benefit from the sample tests and questions that will help them to test their knowledge on certain topics. It will be worth to note that you can find all major courses that are given in 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade-classes.

Prepare Tests with a Special Module

One of the biggest advantages of this platform is the special test preparation module offered for teachers. Teachers of secondary education classes can benefit from this module to save time while preparing their tests. As they can pick the available questions on the platform, they can also use their own questions as well. Once you create your tests online, you will be able to download the test in pdf format. In this way, you can easily print the test and make it ready for your classroom activities. You can visit the platform at now.