Taking Care of Septic Systems During Covid-19

COVID-19 has had a significant impact on practically every aspect of our life in a short period of time. This pandemic also had an influence on septic systems in almost every backyard. 

Now, we agree it is critical to adhere to the health recommendations for sanitation and cleaning, which means that everyone will be using more soap, disinfectants and cleaning products at this time. 

Let me tell you that septic systems absolutely hate such products. So, how to minimise the impacts on your septic system ? Come, let’s have a look at some really simple tips and tricks.

Never Pour it Down The Sink

Using a bucket and cloth is among the most effective ways to keep harsh,toxic chemicals out of the septic system. Remember – NEVER EVER POUR IT DOWN THE SINK! Look for a safe location in your garden to empty the bucket of chemicals and cleaning products you use to clean the stuff in your house. Use your garden bed to pour the leftover water.

Use Bleach Responsibly

Do you use bleach for cleaning? If yes, let me tell you the right way of using it for less wastage and better coverage. Take a spray bottle and pour down the liquid in there. This will significantly minimise the amount of bleach you use. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the benches and remember to rinse the cloth under an outside tap in your garden. 

Leftover Cooking Oil? Here’s What You Should Do

Septics are extremely sensitive to fats and oils, so allow them to cool before scraping them into the bin or emptying them somewhere safe in your backyard.

An Expert Tip

Whenever you wash your hands etc. , put a bucket under the taps and collect as much water as you can. This ensures that the soap or chemical does not go down the septic system. Pour this water in the garden and reduce the impacts on your system. 

I hope these are really simple ways which you can incorporate in your daily life and support your septic system during the times of pandemic or even otherwise thereby reducing the impacts. 

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