Taking Perfect Cuttings for Hydroponics Growing

When growing hydroponically, especially when new to hydroponics, growing from cuttings as opposed to from seeds can be highly advantageous – enabling crop cycles to be speeded up and more! Today we are here to provide advice and guidance in regards to harvesting healthy, higher yielding plants quicker than ever before, guiding all in taking the perfect cuttings for hydroponic growing.

If you want to grow hydroponically using cuttings, continue reading now…

There are many benefits of growing from cuttings, including but not limited to the following:

  • Plants grown from cuttings grow much quicker than from seeds, with the first steps of growth already taken care of
  • Growing plants from cuttings allows growers to grow a series of uniform plants, all looking identical from their mother plant
  • Plants grown room cuttings can grow incredibly large and really can excel

But how do you take a cutting? Here’s how –

  1. Select a healthy plant that you would like to take a cutting from
  2. Use a clean and sterilised sharp instrument, such as a knife or scalpel to cut off a live tip from the top of your chosen plant
  3. Place your fresh cutting into water quickly to stop it from drying out
  4. Take as many cuttings as you want. If you are taking cuttings from more than one plant you should be sure to use a separate vessel of water for each to avoid any possible cross-contamination
  5. When cuttings are complete place them in your chosen growing medium in your growing tent or growing environment, using a rooting gel if desired
  6. Set up your hydroponics system to take care of your plant – Providing it with the right amount of heat, light and food
  7. Watch your plants flourish is amazement! You will be surprised how quickly they grow

It really is that easy too! Many people often understand the benefits of growing from cuttings, understanding that it is faster and more efficient, however still use seeds believing that growing from cuttings is more difficult. As you can see growing from cuttings is actually just as easy as growing from seeds just with many benefits.

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