Ten Quick Tips to Improve Your SEO Ranking

SEO can seem confusing and overwhelming at times, particularly if you’re a small company trying to manage things alone. But if you are just beginning or feel like you need the basics, start here.

These 20 quick tips to improve your SEO rankings will get you started in the right direction. Companies in Sandy, UT or around the US can utilize SEO for more significant site traffic today!

No Keyword Stuffing

You probably know you should base your site’s content around keywords that help you rank higher in search engines. And although extra keywords do rank slightly higher, shoving a ridiculous amount of keywords into your content will bore and frustrate your readers. Resist the urge to stuff keywords!

Quality Content Rules

And speaking of useful content, if your overall goal is to be a trusted expert in your area, make sure you focus on excellence when composing content. You want to wow your readers and keep them coming back for more. A solid SEO strategy is always to remember quality content is your top goal.

Try Long-Tail Keywords

It is hard for small or new companies to rank high for simple keywords against websites that have been around for a decade or so. Use keywords that have several words (hence the long-tail) to try to corner an easier market. So rather than using skin care products, try skincare products in Sandy, Utah.

Make Your Content Easy to Read

People rarely read entire pages of content these days. They simply skim a post to glean the high points. Make it easy for them to understand your objective by using subheadings, bullets and numbered lists to organize your writing. Your company’s SEO success will increase!

Write Evergreen Content

When writing posts and articles, try to keep things evergreen, meaning the information will apply for years to come. That way, the content can live on your site for a more extended period and attract more eyeballs.

Don’t Forget Your Atl-Images

When optimizing your posts for SEO, don’t forget to use alt-tags for your images. An alt-tag is the text that displays if an image doesn’t load or if a sight-impaired person uses a screen reader.

Google likes alt-tags, and you can also use them to your benefit. Briefly describe your image using a keyword. But don’t stuff the keyword into every image description on your site.

Think Like Your Users

When planning content, try to imagine what your end-user is searching for. What are common questions in your industry, your product or your company? Help people find what they need and increase your site traffic by using this critical SEO strategy.

If your company in Sandy, UT, needs help with SEO, contact a reputable digital marketing agency for assistance.

Keep Loading Time Under Three Seconds

Make sure your site doesn’t take too long to load. If users click on your site and then back up, it damages your SEO rankings. Images that are not optimized can hurt your loading times. Be sure to reduce the size of images and graphics on your site so you can quickly load your page.

Use Internal and External Links

Internal and external links help your company’s SEO ranking. Internal links clarify your site’s organization and make the topic more apparent to search engines. It also increases the time visitors spend on your site.

External links strengthen your site’s authority and show engines your content is reliable and verified.

Write a Strong Meta Description

A meta description is the few sentences that explain your content search engines show on the results page. A well-crafted meta description should include your keywords and entice readers to click on your site. Don’t ignore this critical SEO strategy!

Ranking for SEO doesn’t have to be an impossible hill to climb. Improve your company’s ranking today by employing these simple strategies. In Sandy, UT and around the country, your site will rank higher and ultimately boost sales and revenue.

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