The 2021 update on using Telegram live location

Telegram is coming with new features that keep the user base increasing at all times. The latest update is regarding the live location feature where users can share their live location. It is one of the interesting features that the messenger has offered its users. Using the feature, the users can share their location with other users. The new features provided by the messengers help to make the application more user-friendly and appealing to the users and the increasing trend to come up with new features is perhaps the reason for the huge number of users of the application worldwide.

Getting started with sharing live location

  1. Make sure that the messenger is updated to the latest version on your device
  2. Open the application
  3. Open the chat window which can be either an individual window or related to a group
  4. Now choose the icon with the clip symbol from the bottom of the page
  5. Select the location option
  6. Finally, click on the red color option to share your location live for a desired time interval as provided in the application
  7. The time interval indicates the time range for which the location will be shared live and a maximum of eight hours is provided by the messenger
  8. The users also have the option to cancel the live sharing of the location at any time
  9. Now after selecting the time interval, you are all set to share the location and will be displayed to the intended users for the chosen time interval.

How to stop the live sharing of location

The following steps will brief the process to stop sharing live

  1. Launch the application
  2. Go to the chat window where your location is shared live
  3. Touch the map where the location is shown
  4. Simply click on the stop sharing option from the bottom of the page

The option to share live location is not limited to individual chats but it is very well possible for group chats as well. The same process is applicable for sending the live location in groups and channels. It is quite interesting to use the feature since the time interval can be specifically chosen by the users. It is a good way for those involved in online business where sending live location can be of quite helpful to the customers to find the exact location of your main offices as well. One of the ways to increase the customers and make your brand visible to a large number of people is to buy telegram members that can indeed go a long way in making your business profile visible to many and hence the application is most preferred as a marketing media.