The 5 elements to structure the SEO of an article for a corporate blog

Are you wondering how to structure an article for your blog, in SEO perspective?

Web Digital Media Group offers you this guide that will give you 5 simple tips that will help to optimize the article to be found more easily within the search engines.

Media Group of New Delhi offers companies in the province a high level of competence and professionalism in the sector, allowing them to find the most effective solutions to create fast and optimized responsive sites perfectly for research.

But in the meantime, let’s start by briefly explaining what SEO is.

SEO means “Search Engine Optimization “, which includes all the operations necessary to index and optimize the search for a document or website within a search engine such as Google.

With the growing use of SEO techniques, competition has also increased, and with this have been born among the most disparate techniques and plugins that aim to obtain a better indexing result.

The best platforms for the corporate blog

If you’re wondering what are the best platforms to write an article for your corporate blog, don’t worry! Although WordPress is among the most reliable and well-known Open Source platforms, there are also other csm equipped with plugins and tools for SEO services, which any web writer, who is faced with the drafting of an article for a corporate blog, should know.

To optimize your web pages and have effective websites, you can use these precious 5 tips, very useful to index your page within the most popular search engines.

  1. Search for the same content on Google

That’s right. It may seem strange, but the first SEO tool to use is Google search.

Before writing the article you will need to carefully find out what your blog’s competitors write and publish . This is the only way to increase the offer with new interesting and innovative contents. Without basic research, the dangers are to index and publish an article with content already repeated many times on the web. Media Group allows you to carry out this procedure in a precise and punctual way, through targeted searches that allow you to find out which content can be the best for your article, in an SEO key.

  1. The importance of keywords

In order not to miss Keywords and choose the ones that are right for you for the article of your company blog, Media Network relies on tools such as Keyword Planner , which you can use to develop your website and your articles. Tools like this allow you to identify the average search volume of a keyword within the search engine.

Your admin sites will become SEO optimized much more easily than choosing keywords without a well-defined criterion or strategy. In summary, tools like this give the opportunity to find out if the theme chosen for the blog article is searched or not on Google and what is the traffic for entering the main keywords chosen; only by producing articles of this kind will the corporate blog website become an administrable and effective website.

Elements like this are more than useful, almost indispensable; they allow you both to understand if the topic is a “social trend”, and if the latter is worthy of the attention of the users chosen by you as potential readers. In addition, the Keyword Planner tool recommends other keywords similar to those entered in the search engine, so as to vary and differentiate the words to be used for SEO purposes.

  1. Ubersuggest: the tool that makes the difference

A necessary tool for the success of an article is undoubtedly the Ubersuggest SEO tool , used by webwriters all over the world.

Media Network relies on tools like this, expertise and experience of SEO professionals in the sector, who operate through many professional tools that are difficult to use by the average user, to obtain unique SEO results.

Tools like Ubersuggest offer you the possibility of finding so-called queries, or secondary keywords to be written within the article. In a nutshell, through this tool you can get Google Suggest information and you can easily position it in alphabetical order, so as to find out what users are looking for in relation to the topic you have chosen.

By doing so within your article you will go beyond simply repeating keywords, but you will take advantage of users’ “search intentions” . In this way you will be able to select only the results that interest you, and use the data obtained to give the article greater strength and improve your marketing strategy.

  1. The WordPress SEO plugin by Yoast

Anyone who is part of the sector, to create easily updated websites and dynamic and effective sites, will certainly have turned to WordPress at least once in their life: this software allows you to create your own website with intuitive tools and a simple interface . But it is not so obvious to know how to use these tools to obtain a responsive website with a view to SEO optimization.

There are many plugins to improve the potential of WordPress, and one of these is WordPress SEO by Yoast . This tool alone does not solve all the problems of the webwriter and blogger, but it is a very useful tool to take care of some fundamental aspects within WordPress for SEO indexing.

By writing an article for a company blog, you can differentiate and optimize elements such as:

  • Title tag;
  • Permalink;
  • Meta description

These contents that create the “snippet”, ie the presentation of the listing within the Google search, allow you to create an effective and optimized preview thanks to Google’s algorithms.

The WordPress SEO by Yoast plugin therefore suggests the maximum limit of characters for the “title tag” and for the “description”, which are about 60 and 140 characters: moreover, the words that are inserted inside the “title tag” they are indispensable for the initial positioning of the site and of the article.

Remember, however, that the most difficult thing for an SEO webwriter is to please search engines like Google, without making the potential reader of the text lose interest.

  1. Translated Labs: How legible is your article?

With this tool you can more easily evaluate a series of fundamental aspects for the drafting of an article for a website with a SEO response.

In fact, search engines like Google prefer well-structured and organized content by evaluating aspects such as:

  • Use of diversified headings
  • Good division into paragraphs;
  • Bulleted and numbered lists;
  • Language related to the topic.

The Translated Labs tool evaluates these aspects, offering you an impeccable spelling correction and looking for a semantic correspondence between the terms used in the text.

Do not forget, however, that there are also other key tools for a successful SEO article, such as HTML text formatting.

How to create an article for your website in an SEO perspective

This guide has shown you some tips for writing an article for your corporate blog. You can work to try to optimize the indexing of your website, but the results are not always exceptional in this field. which has been operating in the sector for years, you will be able to obtain a site that can be easily updated, with clear, legible and satisfactory articles, and flawless SEO indexing.

You can be followed step by step in the management of the content to be published to obtain a responsive website, easy to update and effective in SEO NYC.