The 6 Steps You Should Follow When Making Websites

When you click on a website, you’ll see contact info, pictures, videos, and articles. Casual viewers may think that making a website is as easy as compiling photographs in an album. Online users assume that creating a website is only about choosing font style, font size, encoding text, and when finishing the web designing, you can publish it right now as you want.

Contrary to what most online users believe, there is a system when making a website. From planning to execution, a website design undergoes a process that ensures effectiveness and useability. If you’re a first-timer, you may not know the steps into making a web design. Well, it’s all right because you have a choice to partner with the best website design company in Singapore to guide you through the multiple steps of making a website.

Allow this article to show you the steps you’ll go through into making a website once you get website design services.

The Steps of Making a Website

Whether you want a blog site, entertainment website, or an eCommerce website design, there are still steps you need to follow. This way, you can ensure a successful website that can increase your online presence and credibility. It may not look necessary for you, but it will help you in the long run. It is also sustainable because the knowledge you will gain along the way can teach you how to use a website to your advantage.

Here are the steps when making your website:


1) Determine Your Goal

When making a website, it’s essential to know your goals. Is it for entertainment, business, advocacy or an online diary? Knowing your plan would make it easier to see the web design to incorporate into your website. Keep in mind that your goal will define the overall aesthetic appeal of your website. Hence, make sure to identify it before partnering with the best website design company in Singapore.

After this, you’ll also know your target audience. For instance, you have a business for baby products. Your eCommerce website design should align with the parent’s needs and preferences. It also goes with other websites like entertainment for fans, advocacy for passionate people, and blog diaries for fashionistas.

2) Define Your Timeline

Building a website should also have a timeline. You need to follow a schedule when designing your homepage, header, CTA, etc. If you stick with a plan, it will be easier to complete your website without leaving essential parts. With your timeline, you’ll also know the tasks you’ll need to make a website, such as registering a domain name, looking for a web hosting company, and preparing the content.

If you have a busy schedule, it’s helpful to look for website design services to guide you throughout the process. Also, you can recognise if there is something you need to change along the process. With this, you can put a solution before launching it to the public.

3) Site Mapping

Site mapping can also make your web design more organised. It can help the interrelationship of the sections to one another. For instance, your homepage will lead to your call-to-action page. Or, your SEO article will lead to the products list. If you do this, your users can have easy navigation on your website.

In conclusion, you must make a site map before designing your web design. With this, you can ensure that your online visitors will not get confused when navigating your website. Remember, an effective website encourages visitors to be more interactive with your business or personal agenda.

4) The Visual and Written Online Content

Before putting everything in place, ensure quality and written online content to boost your online interactions. For written content, you can incorporate SEO techniques that can retain your visitors. You can also include written contents that apply to your goal.

For instance, you have a business website. You should include articles about your products and services that can improve the knowledge of your visitors. You can also include customer testimonials and reviews for your potential customers.

You can include short videos like infomercials for visual content where people can watch more about your products. People nowadays have short attention spans, so produce quality content that can make them stay. If you need help, look for website design services that include these ideas.

5) Test the Website

After the web designing process and content creation, it is time for testing the website. In this process, you will identify the problems you must solve before launching it to the public. You can ask for help from the best website design company in Singapore to try it with various gadgets like mobile devices, laptops, or desktops.

You will see if the web design fits in different channels. You can also test your website to know what would be the experience of your online visitors. It allows you to improve links, navigation, font size, or information organisation.

Keep in mind that your website is a way to communicate with your potential customers. As much as possible, test it to know if the website is ready to serve the public. ]

6) The Launching

Finally, it is time for your effort to come into the final step — the launching. For sure, you feel excited to show the online community your new website. After those steps from website design to content creation, seeing your work on any online platform feels satisfying. It feels professional and rewarding!

However, even if your website is already on the online platform, it is still reasonable to change a thing or two on your website from time to time. Trend changes every year so does the web designing process.

To keep up with the trends, partner with the best website design company in Singapore that knows the latest techniques in web designing.


Web Designing: A Step by Step Process

Web designing is like climbing stairs. You have to take the first step before reaching the second step, and so on until you reach your goals. It may sound overwhelming, but you can always look for help with your web design duties.

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