The Anatomy of a Perfect Bed

Some people think that the work-from-home arrangement would allow them to get better sleep than before. While it is true for some people, the others are having a much harder time getting a good shut-eye. Many factors may come into play, such as stress. The interruption of these factors with your natural sleep pattern could be the reason why you are often sick and have no energy even when you think you have had an ample amount of sleep the night before. If your sleep is not consistent, you would not get to live the best of your life since you are more prone to illnesses. One of the best ways to overcome this is to address every possible issue at hand, including the quality of your bed. Whether you have an imported mattress from Malaysia or you are still getting your return of investment on a quality one, you should know how you can make it the perfect bed for sleeping. 

In this article, you will learn what makes a perfect bed for you and for your kids and the benefits of getting a full-night rest in it!

What Makes a Bed Perfect?

It is common knowledge that beds are an investment. You would even prioritise it over a coffee table made in Malaysia. It is one of those things that you cannot live without. Of course, those essential things should be well-taken care of as well. With consistent care, you would be seeing plenty of years with your mattress and pillows. Here are the parts of the bed that you should pay great attention to.

The mattress

It takes a quality mattress to give you the gentle support that your whole body needs. One should be enough to keep your spine in a neutral position regardless if you are lying on your back, front, or side. In choosing a new mattress, pay attention to the pressure points since these are the heaviest parts of your body.

When you look for mattresses online, you will find various types of it. The best way to identify what is best for you is to know which mattress can match your sleeping behaviour. Let this list be your guide:

  • Memory foam mattress – for side sleepers
  • Innerspring mattress – for back, side, and tummy sleepers
  • Latex mattress – for sleepers who easily get sweaty when sleeping
  • Hybrid mattress – for sleepers who move around when resting
  • Adjustable air mattress – sleepers who want a firm and adjustable sleeping experience, usually for campers.

The bed frame

The one that props up our bed in the right and comfortable height is your bed frame. Usually, a kid’s bed in Malaysia would also be in the same height as an adult bed frame. Either way, your kid can decide whether they want it for their height or above them. 

Bed frames are usually the one that shelters bugs and dirt. As a parent, you would want to keep this clean regularly to avoid costly bed bugs pest control service. Regular vacuuming and flipping the mattress can help it remain bug-free!


Investing in quality sheets that can maintain their colour and structure is a good move to do when you want to protect your mattress, and you from your mattress. A cotton or bamboo type of sheet will last a long time, like your favourite pair of jeans! Regularly replace your sheets, especially during the turnover of the seasons. Use cotton-made sheets if you want a breathable cover when the dry season comes.


To make a bed comfy and perfect, pillows are a must! These soft bags of cotton make sleeping easy for anyone that they even prefer to have more than two pillows on their bed. If you are the type of person to have more pillows thancoffee tables in your home, you would want to invest in pillow protectors or cases. These are washable covers that can protect your pillows from stains and dust-mites that could ruin its quality.


There will be nights when you need to have something to cover your body from the cold. These are none other than the job of your blanket. Made from wool, cotton, or acrylic, blankets are different from one another. Some have a specific weight for different times or temperature conditions that people in Malaysia experiences. Ensure that you have at least one for every season.

Duvets or comforters

The look of your bed impacts how you sleep on it, seeing that you have a quilt or a duvet to cover your pillows and blanket. It makes it more enticing and comfortable. Soon enough, your brain would be telling you that you lie down on this beautiful bedding. These comforters also keep your undercovers fresh and protected from dust that circulates in your room in the day!

What Good Sleep Can Do for You?

As equal to eating healthy and exercising, sleep contributes to your overall health! Allow these perks of having a restful sleep to entice you to restore your natural sleeping pattern:

  • Help maintain your good weight

Getting adequate sleep is a big contributor to reduced weight gain!

  • Improve concentration

Even when you have an attractive queen size bed behind your working station, you would not get tempted to rest since you had a full sleep to get you the concentration that you need.

  • Less risk for health conditions

More reasons to invest in a quality mattress is that you are less likely to acquire heart diseases and type 2 diabetes!

  • Avoid mental illnesses

Depression is often the product of poor sleep. However, you can avoid it with good sleeping habits!

  • Encourage social interaction

There are important social cues that people need to recognise to effectively interact in a social environment. Restful sleep can help you recognise these cues right away!

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