The Beautiful Magnolia Residence

Magnolia Waterfront Residence is a beautiful infrastructure with its establishment in the banks of the Chao Phraya River on the Thonburi side. The landmark in Bangkok. It is a long building with 70 floors in it.

The average price of Magnolia Residency is approximately $330,126 per square meter, which is 192.3% above the average price of Bangkok. The demand for this flat never decreases as such. Thus, the price remained static and didn’t change for a long time.

The demand for Magnolia Waterfront Resident for Rent is high due to the city’s beautiful sight from the location. The Magnolias Waterfront Residences Rent is generally 138.4% above the average price in Bangkok.

The Rental Flats Are Pretty Expensive But Worth The Money

According to the recent reports in the broker market, 529 units are available for rental purposes, and 387 units are available for sales.

Interior of the residence:

  • The floors have more than 1oo dining option with more than 6,000 types of foods.
  • The residency has many beautiful artworks and architecture, which has more than 100 paintings throughout the building.
  • It is a new attraction as it includes everything starting from retail shops, gardens, waterfalls to clinics.
  • The rooms are full of comfortable chairs and furniture. The Magnolias Waterfront Residences Rent provides the tenants a well decorative flat.
  • The residence tries to maintain as much greenery as possible for the environment.
  • There are Sauna Rooms, Steam Rooms, Gymnasium, and BBQ, making the flat a better and convenient place for the resides in the building.

One of the primary reasons for a demand for a residency is the location. The Resident’s location is charming where there are numerous shops nearby like River City Shopping Centre for quick shopping or a chilling session with friends. There are schools nearby which is an advantage for the families who doesn’t want their kids to travel distances. The hospitals are nearby the Resident for any medical emergencies.

To conclude, one can say that Magnolia Waterfront Residency is located in one of the most desirable locations in Bangkok with a spectacular. The diversifying scenario is the deadliest combination of the Bangkok Skyline, which is very detailing along with the river that showcases the culture, beauty, and heritage of the local peaceful river life. So, the beauty of city lights and the peace and simplicity of the waterfall is pure magic!