The Beginner’s Guide To Digital Door Locks In Singapore

People take home security seriously. Some people install CCTV systems to monitor the perimeters of their houses, while others use alarms to prevent and counter home break-ins. In case of disaster, afire rated door in a Singapore home could save lives. And speaking of doors, there is another way to enhance your home security; installing a digital door lock.

YourHDB gatesand doors are the passageways to your property, meaning they are your property’s first line of defence. Yet, the security layer we give to it does not even reach the bare minimum of today’s modern age. With advanced tools and technology, a simple door latch or a rusty padlock is merely a piece of breakfast cake for burglars.

Fortunately, you can now make your entryway impenetrable through a digital door lock in Singapore. Continue reading this article to learn more about them here.

An Introduction To Digital Locks

A simple door latch, a deadbolt latch, doorknobs, padlocks, and combination locks are examples of mechanical locks. Mechanical locks are the most common and available in the market.

For many years, they have provided homes with a decent quality of security. And despite their weathered quality after a long time in service, many people still rely on their durability.

However, in today’s modern age, where burglars discover and use sophisticated and cunning lock-picking tricks, it appears that mechanical locks have reached their time. The current tide today is drawing towards electronic locks. But what is an electronic door lock in Singapore?

What is a digital door lock?

A digital door lock, also known as an electronic door lock in Singapore, is a lock system with automatic features. Perhaps, the best and most basic example of a digital door lock is the one on your car.

The primary differences between a mechanical lock and a digital lock from Singapore are its battery-powered system and the multiple ways to unlock it.

How do you unlock your digital lock?

Mechanical door latches on oldHDB gates can be unlocked in a single, depending on the type of lock. For example, if you want to unlock a cylinder door latch, you should have the right key. If you want to unlike a combination lock, you should have the right combination of numbers. The point is one lock, one method of unlocking. That is unless you won’t count a forced break-in.

Anelectronic lock from Singaporecan be open in two or three ways, as it combines multiple lock access.

●    Key card or RFID card

The most common electronic lock you can find in Singapore is the one you can open using a key card or RFID card. Hotels and condo units usually use RFID cards.

Instead of keys, this digital lock uses a magnetic or RFID card to trigger the locking mechanism by simply tapping or sweeping the card. Key cards contain an RFID chip that needs specialised equipment to read it; or simply thedigital lockyou bought in Singapore.

RFID cards are unique. You can only use a particular RFID card to a single lock. You can also deactivate and reprogram RFID cards to encode the new profile of the cardholder.

●    PIN code

You can open your digital lock from Singaporeusing a PIN code like an ATM card. These locks have a number keypad to type in the code.

Similar to any other locks that require PIN codes, you can also change the PIN code from time to time to enhance your security.

In mechanical locks, you need to duplicate the key and give it a person to access your home without you. Similarly, you have to give a person a cloned RFID card to unlock your doors without breaking in.

With PIN codes, you have to give the correct code to your trusted kins without bothering to duplicate, clone, or give them your key.

●    Fingerprint

Most office buildings use fingerprint digital door locks on their main doors. People also install it in a fire rated door in Singapore.

This electronic lock only opens to the enrolled fingerprints in the system. The lock scans the fingerprint, converts it into numerical data, and saves it into the system. After that, the lock will only unlock the fingerprint it recognises.

You have the option to delete a profile, and that person loses access to the lock.

●    Remote

Your car’s locks are an example of a remote-accessed digital lock from Singapore. Unlike using key cards, you can unlock this digital lock at a distance using the wireless remote.

Once the person presses the button on the remote, it sends signals to the lock through radio waves, triggering it and eventually unlocking it.

You can open a singleelectronic lock from Singaporein many ways. For example, a biometric or fingerprint lock may also have a keypad for PIN codes. While other digital locks only offer one access method.

Since electronic locks use electricity to operate, what happens when the batteries are dying?

What-Should-You-Do-If-Your-Digital-Lock-s-Batteries-Are-Running-OutWhat Should You Do If Your Digital Lock’s Batteries Are Running Low?

Replace the batteries

The digital lock you installed on your HDB gates notifies when its batteries are running low. Make sure to replace the batteries with new ones before they die.

Use your override keys

Some digital locks have a keyhole and override key for manual access in case the battery dies. Make sure to always bring the override key with you.

Use the emergency power supply connection

If you failed to change the batteries of yourdigital lock from Singapore before they died, connect your spare battery to the emergency power supply connection to temporarily revive and unlock it.


Digital locks are a significant addition to your home security. They are convenient, cost-effective, low-maintenance, and, lastly, can be synced to your current home security solution. You can install them in your front door, garage door, and HDB gates. Keep your family and property safe with digital locks.


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